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Bronwyn Brown
Post     Subject: "Tall hobbit seeks hobbit woman for forest adventures"

Dearest Hobbits, this is not a serious reply as I live on my own 30 acres near Bellingen in NSW Australia with no plans to relocate and I just turned 55, and therefore I do not fit the age range for you. Never the less I love your son's smile, it reminds me of my daughters (just turned eight) happy smile I would like to say hello and allow for any friendships that may flow. I wanted to let you know how wonderful you sound and hope you connect with someone compatible. I wanted to share with you my joy of parenting with playfulness and invite you to look at a facebook page called "giggle parenting". Wish that I could meet you in different circumstances to share some of my hand pressed red sauerkraut. I love biodynamics and composting and feel sure that we could chat about that for hours while pottering, planting, chop and dropping or having a fresh mint cuppa. When I do pluck up the courage I will post my own post because actually I am looking for help with creating a food forest and regenerating this land for which I'm now custodian. Life is busy as I try to care for with compassionate patience my separated husband who carries the pain and mental patterns of PTSD (childhood trauma)
All the while still homeschooling my daughter. Life challenges us and we grow. I am absolutely passionate about listening with awareness to peoples emotional expressions and communications of needs. I love the work of Marshall Rosenberg's NVC compassionate communication, Patty Wipfler's book "Listen" and Dan Segal's mindsight.
Naturally I'm into yoga. and enjoyed a natural birth for my daughter. It is more important to me than ever to help and encourage the healing of all of our peoples that come into our lives and build healthy communities.
Nicole Alderman
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Welcome to permies, Jennifer! If you click on anyone's name, it should take you their profile, where you can send them a PM to exchange email addresses, that way google and the general public/bots can't see your email.

Here's a direct link to PM Robert:

I hope this helps!!
Jennifer Byler
Post     Subject: "Tall hobbit seeks hobbit woman for forest adventures"

Your son looks happy, content, safe feeling, and completely in love with you, which tells it all.
Then you said you are looking for someone a bit silly.....
How do I apply?

I was in the amazing north Island in February and fell in love with NZ.  
I would love to chat more. I found this site only tonight after realizing that my top priority is to be with a partner in this situation we seem to be in, and started looking in spots where I might find someone of like mind.
I am not sure how this site works, or how to email...
Let me know...
Kirsten Wolfe
Post     Subject: "Tall hobbit seeks hobbit woman for forest adventures"

What about elves? Email me:
Gail Jardin
Post     Subject: "Tall hobbit seeks hobbit woman for forest adventures"

If you were in America I'd offer a stay on my land for you and your son as I think your set of skills would be useful in building my permie paradise from the ground up! Best wishes to the two of you.
Yossy Hayashi
Post     Subject: "Tall hobbit seeks hobbit woman for forest adventures"

Hi Robert, I'm living in the North Island of NZ. I'd like to send you an email and a few photos.
Is your email still working? Thanks. Yossy

Robert Blumstein
Post     Subject: "Tall hobbit seeks hobbit woman for forest adventures"

Wanted: 31-51 yr old permaculture minded female.

I live with my amazing 6 year old son in an intentional community on the top of the South Island of New Zealand.
We are situated at the end of the road bordering a National Park. We have a focus on education and many people pass through to learn new skills in all areas. Several times a year there are Rights of Passage events to facilitate the transition into young manhood and womanhood. We also host a variety of other events as well.
I'm originally from the Catskill Mountains in Upstate NY and immigrated to NZ in 2011.

The effects of climate change, global politics and economic situation has motivated me to refocus on what my priorities are. Top of the list is- high quality deep and meaningful connection, radical responsibility, communicating based in integrity, honesty, clarity, and openness, building soil structure with biochar/compost tea/compost, food production and preservation, and so much more! I am hugely into fermented foods and loosely follow a Weston A. Price diet. Also into giving my boy tractor rides. I love being a dad and we have so much fun together!
I have done a lot of personal transformational work in the last few years and have unexpectedly ended up in a place that is about simplifying my life. I am choosing the path of Human Rewilding.

I have decided to make all of my clothes out of animal skins and furs in the traditional way that the Native Americans use to. I am starting my fires with the bow drill and training myself to bath in cold/ice water.
Getting closer to my goal of harvesting all of my protein from the sea in the form of shellfish and fish.

I'm a thinker and a tinkerer.
I'm extremely practical. I can fix just about anything. I grew up on a little homestead at the end of a dead end road. The forest was my playground and I picked up a wealth of knowledge and skills from my pop.
In my former life I was a traditional timber framer (timber buildings held together with wooden pegs instead of nails). I have built a little with cob and am excited to build a rocket mass heater someday should I own my own place. Currently I live in a cozy little house truck that I am fixing up.

I would consider a committed relationship with someone if it was in the flow.

I LOVE to ferment food. Fermenting has been a passion of mine for over 20 years. I feel so alive when eating fermented food!
I LOVE permaculture, biodynamics, biochar, compost tea, getting my hands dirty, appropriate technology, etc...
I LOVE gardening
I am passionate about personal development and learning communication skills.
I want to connect with someone who is a bit silly, interested in community living, personal growth, communication, emotional intelligence, self awareness, and working on the land. Someone who is not afraid to question their stories of how the world appears to be. And someone who is not afraid to make mistakes and learn from them.
Preferably someone who is also curious about Human Rewilding.

Have a fantastic day and good on ya for reading this far