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Still Ben
Post     Subject: 2012 inland northwest permaculture conference will be in Missoula!

A group of people interested in helping with the conference got together again this weekend again to brainstorm and plan. At this point, we are definitely looking for local sponsors and people interested in presenting or holding workshops. We would also like to figure out a venue for lodging out-of-town folks, preferably at low cost and not too far from the university. (Those in attendance were a bit stumped on this point, so if others have any ideas about places, please chime in!) Some folks are also going to begin handing out flyers at the farmers market and other local outlets frequented by people likely to be interested. Here's the text of the notes that have begun to circulate, hot off the presses:


2nd Annual
Missoula, Montana
November 9-11, 2012
University of Montana Conference Center

The 2nd Inland Northwest Permaculture Conference (INPC II) will be held in Missoula, Montana on November 9, 10, and 11 at the University of Montana's Conference Center. Missoula is the most progressive, large city in the Inland Northwest Bioregion and we expect a good turnout from Missoula and western Montana in general. We welcome the participation of University of Montana students, faculty and staff. A new Transition Town Missoula has recently formed and will collaborate with the conference. Combine that with the participants who will be coming from many other corners of the Inland Northwest (Idaho, eastern Washington and eastern Oregon) and we expect a rousingly good educational event. 275 people attended the 1st INPC in Spokane last November. We anticipate a larger Missoula conference with dozens of presenters and workshops, field trips, a Saturday evening contra dance, hands-on activities and hundreds of people exploring pathways to a positive future. Permaculture is a whole-systems design system that can be applied at any scale.

If you would like to be a presenter, sponsor, committee-member or a volunteer for the 2012 event please get in touch with Michael Pilarski. 549-486-4056.

"The Beginning is Near"
Our 2012 theme is "The Beginning Is Near". The beginning of an ecologically conscious and socially equitable world informed by permaculture.
paul wheaton
Post     Subject: 2012 inland northwest permaculture conference will be in Missoula!

It sounds like it will be on the top floor of the University Center on November 9th, 10th and 11th. Mark your calendars!

I met with Skeeter and a bunch of other folks yesterday to go over some of the planning. But the venue is in place. And the speakers are getting lined up and the catering is getting lined up. I suggested pie.

Skeeter is looking for a work force, event sponsors, events, etc.

Any suggestions? Ideas?