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Chris Howard
Post     Subject: Straw bale walls covered with plasterboard

Hi, we need to separate 2 houses (currently 1 house and garage) and are in the process of deciding how to go about it. Obviously we want as good a sound proofing as possible. I have an absolute monster task on my hands with the renovation job so would like to do some natural building but cut corners where I can as I am 41 and would like to finish it in my lifetime.

I have built quite a few walls in the house with pallets stuffed with slip straw which to be honest if I had realised the amount of work not only that they took to construct then the nightmare of rendering, which is yet to be done as I have way to many other jobs to worry about. If I had my way which I don’t as they aren’t in my house I would just cover them with plasterboard. I know it would be a shame to do it but it would be a hell of a lot quicker and it would be another job ticked of the list.

So to my question, if I was to separate the house and garage with straw bales would it make much of a difference to the sound proofing quality if I was to then cover them with plasterboard instead of a clay render. I’m doing the work pretty much all on my own so as it may not always be the most ecological solution sometimes the quickest solution needs to come into play.