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D. Logan
Post     Subject: PEP-BB-roundwood-wood-polelathe

This is a badge bit (BB) that is part of the PEP curriculum. Completing this BB is part of getting the wood badge in round wood woodworking.

This BB is the building of a pole lathe.

A pole lathe or spring pole lathe is a device that uses the springing quality of wood contrasted with a foot pedal. When pressed and released in even strokes, it turns a bit of wood allowing for bits to be removed in a round shape. It's ideal for working with table legs, chair legs, and bowls quickly and easily.

A historic pole lathe.

This version doesn't rely on the pull of a green bar, so can fit in a more compact workshop without needing to put the pole in the rafters.

To get certified for this BB provide photos or video (less than 2 minutes) showing the following:

- Your chunks of wood that you are starting with
- Progress about halfway through, with the hand tools you have decided to use for this
- The final product