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Kelda Miller
Post     Subject: Northwest Permaculture Convergence 2012, come join us!

*A-freaking-mazing* early bird price for the Permaculture Convergence ends this Wednesday. A whole weekend of permaculture education, including food, for $60. What a deal! Get it before the price goes up!
Robyn Wagoner
Post     Subject: Northwest Permaculture Convergence 2012, come join us!


Friday Night, October 5th

Forest Shomer
PAST/ FUTURE: Using Native Plants for Re-Inhabitation

"We are stepping away from the shores of everything that has numbed and distracted and kept us small, pushing off into the great river, the river that is within, that it may restore our original goodness and wholeness; that we may be reminded of who we are."-Beth Garrigus

As we plant the shape of the future, let us return to their place of honor and usefulness the herbs and fruits that graced the shores of the Salish Sea in great abundance prior to the colonial era. We must listen to the voice of the land which asks to be restored to ancestral nativity, at the same time as we apply our planetary re-inhabitory consciousness to creating new pathways for producing food and earth medicine. Some examples of the role that native plants can play in re-inhabitation will be given from Jefferson County, WA.

Forest Shomer is owner of Inside Passage Seeds and originator of Abundant Life Seed Foundation, is a career seedman based in Port Townsend. He is Coordinator for the Spiritual Agriculture activity of the Sufi Ruhaniat International, and former Chairman of Friends of Fort Worden State Park, Port Townsend City Parks Commission, and Jefferson County Noxious Weed Board. For more info, visit

Judith Alexander
Community Bridge Building: Neighborhood Emergency Preparedness and Gardening

Jefferson County's Local 2020, our Transition Town initiative uses partnerships within mainstream community agencies, (e.g., the Dept of Emergency Management, Master Gardeners Association, etc.) that draw on the twelve Design Principles of Permaculture in establishing over one hundred neighborhoods that came together for emergency preparedness planning, and over twenty-five collectively planted neighborhood community gardens. In terms of permeating the mainstream, these initiatives were extremely successful in engaging a diverse group of people in neighborhoods across Jefferson County.

Judith Alexander, MSW, has been self-employed in a private counseling practice in Jefferson County, Washington for thirty years. She is a founding member of Local 2020 Transition Town Initiative and a neighborhood community garden member.


Saturday Night, October 6th

Jaqueline Cramer and Glenn Herlihy
Public Permaculture

Jaqueline and Glenn of the Beacon Food Forest will discuss turning a design from a permaculture course into a large scale public permaculture project. Their talk will offer valuable insights to working with the public, the Press and negotiating with Government agencies on policies for growing food on public lands. They will describe how to design for the inclusivity of not only main street but the back streets of the under served culturally diverse population. Jacqueline and Glenn will reveal the successes and difficulties they have experienced in finding a common language with the public while staying focused on permaculture methods.

Jaqueline Cramer is a Board member of P-Patch Trust, a founder of Friends of Beacon Food Forest, and a Seattle Fruit Tree Steward. She advocates for community gardens, and teaches public workshops as well as teaching at Roots of Empathy. She runs a gardening and landscape business in Seattle, Design Collaborators, and is a partner in Honeyscapes, a design collaborative.

Glenn Herlihy is a Seattle based Sculptor and Permaculture Designer/Builder. He co-founded New Volute Inc. He helped to create the Jefferson Park Alliance, the Beacon Mountain Playground, and the Beacon Food Forest. Find more information about him
Robyn Wagoner
Post     Subject: 2012 Convergence Committees, come join us!

Michael Skeeter Pilarski
Post     Subject: 2012 Convergence Committees, come join us!

Hi Kelda, et al,

Responding to the list of committees that Kelda put up. I am commenting on the ones I would like to contribute to and adding some new ones. I will start a few new topics tonight.

Business Structure (making or transferring non-profit to our current team). Michael Pilarski, Charlotte Anthony and Erik Blender are all on this team. Tom Allen is on. Bill Aal has expressed interest in helping. Who else?

Registration. This is a big job needing an experienced, competent person. I know of two people I will inquire with.

A presenter registration form needs to be put together. Look at last year’s. Get advice from Jan Spencer who handled this last year. We can brainstorm a list of people who we want to invite. Many people will apply to give a workshop once the publicity starts going out. What is going to be our policy on keynote speakers this year. How many do we want? When will they present? What is our presenters and keynote speakers budget going to be this year?

Food & Kitchens
How about breaking this into a couple of inter-related committees.
Food Procurement Committee [STARTED NEW TOPIC]

I will add to this effort through my networks.

Hands-On/ Skill-share area
I propose breaking this into two committees or at least consider the two facets.

The Skill-share area at St Helen’s was very well done and a big hit. I think the concept should be done again and even add more.
Several people in the group have a passion for bringing this together. I will ask Jason Knight at Alderleaf Wilderness College in Monroe if their folks would like to set something up. I would also ask Chris and Kim Chisholm at WOLF in Puyallup if they would like to do so. Both are combining outdoor skills with permaculture in their curriculums. I am sure there are many others like them.

Hands-on activities in the local area and in Port Townsend leading up to the conference. Perhaps something along the line of the Village Building Convergence, VBCish. Install some gardens or hugelkulturs or appropriate technology or natural building, etc, etc. Is there energy for something like this during the week before the conference? Alternatively what is already going on or in the works in the area anyway? Port Townsend is a very active community.
At the Spokane pc conference last fall, we made Friday a big field trip day and had 4 groups going morning and afternoon. We had breakfast and lunch together. In Missoula this year we are going to combine field trips with lots of hands-on activities. VBCish. The local organizers are already calling it the “Perma-Blitz”.

Website/ Tech Geeks
Not sure what you mean by Tech Geeks, but perhaps you mean an
A/V team. Audio visual. We will need more tech folks then when at a college. We will need to assemble power point projectors, screens, computers, extension cords, power strips, lights, recording equipment, mikes, amplification (at least for the plenary area). Might need a slide projector. Some of these things will be brought by the projectors but some things we will need an AV crew to round up. Trying to minimize costs. And of course people will be needed to set up systems and trouble shoot them.

Site coordination
I am assuming here that you mean site set-up. Not sure what this will all mean yet, but at least it will involve getting some additional structures up. I have mentioned that I can bring the coverings for some large structures. I have already lined up a large truck to transport the tents from Tonasket to Fort Flagler and back. I will check into Kyle Taylor to see if he would come and run the tent set up crew. Kyle is a friend and permaculturist who has been working at event production setup.

Another position is site liaison.
Someone who maintains contact with the FF staff. Asks questions, gets answers, make sure things are working smooth, Answering questions and addressing concerns from their end. Tom Allen has already been performing this role and I support him in continuing to do so.

Sponsorships is a big part of this. I have a sponsorship template that worked well for the Inland NW PC Conference. It can be adapted to the NWPCC. We need to brainstorm a list of sponsors and deliver the sponsor packets to these potential sponsors in person where possible and if possible by someone who is already their friend. For instance I can approach Fourth Corner Nursery in Bellingham for a sponsorship because I am already good friends with several of the principle people there. Fourth Corner is the pre-eminent native plant nursery in the Northwest, and almost every permaculturist is into native plants, so they are a good fit for a sponsor. I will draw up a list of sponsors I would be willing to approach. If everyone makes a list and we combine our efforts I imagine that we can raise some sponsorship money. I would propose that sponsorship money should be split between scholarships, presenters and the general fund.

Scholarships [STARTED NEW TOPIC]

Coordination of Worktraders/ Volunteer Shifts
Consult with Susan Navrotsky who did it in 2011 and Kelda who did it in 2010.

Sign-making and decoration. Usually these two jobs go well together. It takes a lot of signage. The signage was very well done last year in Oregon. The stretched and painted fabric signs looked great. Whoever does signs this year should definitely check with last year’s sign-makers.

Trade Show/Vending
A plan needs to be worked out about where they can set up. Is there space in any of the buildings? Covered areas? Do they need to bring their own structures? An application form needs to be made up. Fees need to be decided upon and someone has to handle incoming calls/emails on this issue. Keep track of vendor registrations and income and forward payment to whoever is handling the banking. At the event they have to help people find their spots, answer questions, give assistance where needed. Usually this just requires one person.

Enough for now. These are some of my initial thoughts. Looking forward to further collaboration.

Michael Pilarski
Robyn Wagoner
Post     Subject: 2012 Convergence Committees, come join us!

Like you, I'm happy to fill whatever need arises.
I have extensive experience in event production,
Public outreach/media/publicity
Staging and lighting
Sound reinforcement
Supervision of groups
Composting demos
Sheet mulching demos
Veggie oil conversion demos
Organizing 501(c)(3) status,
Grant writing,
Non-profit boardsmanship;
Food prep
and, Web design

Tom wants folks to apply to key positions, so I will submit my resumé. Shall I post it here or email it somewhere?

Kelda Miller
Post     Subject: 2012 Convergence Committees, come join us!

We have a location, thank goodness, so that's one big thing going for us. Those arrangements should be confirmed soon and then we'll share with the public. (It would just be weird for the venue hosts if we made it public without putting our first payment down) So bear with us for a couple days.
Paul Cereghino
Post     Subject: 2012 Convergence Committees, come join us!

Have you settled on a location or are you still looking?!
Kelda Miller
Post     Subject: Northwest Permaculture Convergence 2012, come join us!

Hi everyone!

So the work is starting up for next year's NW Permaculture Convergence, and we're looking for people who'd like to lend a hand to make the magic happen.

And since I know y'all are probably Paul fans and may have heard lackluster reports from last year via his podcasts: fear not! Our surveys have come in from overall happy participants, but we did duly note that this year we'll have warmer/better spaces for classrooms, option of cabins or tenting, more beginning and advanced tracks, improved kitchen/meals and less singing and dancing. And Paul will be invited.

So, if you're thinking about helping out:
We've been meeting in Seattle every few weeks, but no need to make the meetings if you can just give time remotely.
We have a venue and date reserved, and an announcement will be made about that as we finalize things with the venue.

Our general committees will be:
Business Structure (making or transferring non-profit to our current team)
Presenters Scheduling
Food & Kitchens
Hands-On/ Skill-share area
Evening Events
Children's programming
Website/ Tech Geeks
Site coordination
Coordination of Worktraders/ Volunteer Shifts

Right now our biggest gaps are in food/kitchen, registrar, kids' programming, etc. But we can use help anywhere!
Any takers?