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Andrew Umo
Post     Subject: Land for Sale - NE Wisconsin, farmland/wetland, Sturgeon Bay

Hi friends,

I recently acquired a piece of farmland in the middle of the Door Peninsula of Wisconsin between Green Bay & Lake Michigan - two lobes of the largest body of freshwater on the planet (yes, true).

I'm not new to permaculture in theory and light practice, but a 40 acre plan is too overwhelming to figure out without help and time.
I'm subdividing the 40 acre parcel into 25 acre and 15 acre parcels, keeping the larger for my personal schemes and liberating control of the rest to serve another hungry soul.
SO, if you are looking for a parcel to homestead check this out real quick once, I'll attach the relevant pics.
But in short:

WHERE - Door Peninsula, Wisconsin, Upper Midwest, USofA, North America

TOTAL AREA - 15 acres
SOIL - 6.3 acres tillable former cropland (65% fine sandy loam, 35% silt loam), remaining acreage is wetland
ELEVATION - 725' above sea level (~150' above Lake Michigan)
TOPOGRAPHY - drops ~10' from highest point to surface water on a WSW slope.

DISTANCE to CIVILIZATION - 4 miles to a City of 9,000+ & 40 miles to a City of 100,000+
DISTANCE to WATER - 6.5 miles to Lake Michigan, 8 miles to Green Bay

Property is at the head of a watershed which originates in the wetland on the backside of the property. Wetland area floods seasonally and is great wildlife habitat. Lots of deer and ducks among other critters we're discovering more of every time we check the trail cam.

I would LOVE to get in touch with you if you are interested in discussing this opportunity or have any comments or questions. Price depends greatly on WHO you are and WHAT drives you, but similar parcels in this area are asking between $2k and $5k per acre. Drilling a well runs around $8k and a mound style septic is ~$15k. I own an old farmhouse and shed on the adjacent property that I'd be willing to work a temporary deal for storage (of property or persons) if that is necessary.