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[+] upcycling » Voiding Warranties - Using things in a way they weren't designed for (Go to) Ebo David
[+] meaningless drivel » So, what's your favorite "adult beverage" ??? (Go to) jordan barton
[+] fish » Asian carp in aquaponics and cheap dog food to feed them (Go to) Alder Burns
[+] soil » Experimental soil mix (Go to) tony uljee
[+] wells and springs » Russian diaphragm pump( no motor,no bearings) (Go to) Sebastian Köln
[+] trees » Anyone growing Carpathian Walnut? (Go to) James Landreth
[+] plants » Project: Growing Chinese Toon (toona sinensis) (Go to) John Skaggs
[+] greenhouses » Geodesic dome greenhouse build (Go to) Oscar Brown
[+] biochar » Does anyone else make Bone Char? (Go to) Nicole Alderman
[+] biochar » Pyroligneous acid/ liquid smoke (Go to) Boy Bert
[+] perennial vegetables » Grow perennial brassicas! (Go to) Anita Martin
[+] science and research » Bill Gates' magical toilet ... um... (Go to) Jay Angler
[+] personal challenges » Gifts for challenged people (Go to) Anne Miller
[+] composting toilet » Anaerobic/Hot Humanure Processing (Go to) Mark Brunnr
[+] biochar » Where do you put biochar in your garden? (Go to) Trace Oswald
[+] plants » Which plant for a shaded, not very well drained area ? (Go to) Steve Thorn
[+] fish » Biggest marine biologist in USA is from Montana (Go to) Travis Johnson
[+] biochar » biochar insulation? (Go to) bruce Fine
[+] tinkering with this site » Comment deleted from my forum thread (Go to) Mihai Ilie
[+] rocket mass heaters » RMH draft lowers as the barrel gets hotter (Go to) Gerry Parent
[+] home care » Ozone Generator vs Laundry Detergents (Go to) Mihai Ilie
[+] composting » Getting wood chip compost to heat up (Go to) Mike Haasl
[+] rocket mass heaters » Stainless steel for the riser (Go to) Rebecca Norman
[+] ponds » Building a solar water pump ( including the motor) (Go to) Orin Raichart
[+] personal challenges » They Found More Cancer In Me (Go to) Travis Johnson
[+] wells and springs » Distilling water (Go to) Rebecca Norman
[+] medicinal herbs » Herbs to help with Kidney Stone (Go to) Xisca Nicolas
[+] rocket mass heaters » What material for a thin riser? (Go to) thomas rubino
[+] ponds » Reviving a pond "killed" by tar (Go to) Mihai Ilie
[+] rocket stoves » Mini-rocket stove on wheels (hot water and electricity) (Go to) kenneth sanchez
[+] introductions » Welcome to Aufplum Acres (Go to) Dustin Rhodes
[+] rocket stoves » Matrikote 90 (Go to) Graham Chiu