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[+] pep woodland care » Drop 6” to 8” dead standing tree with a bow saw - PEP BB woodland.sand.deadbow (Go to) Ash Jackson
[+] pep textiles » Quick darning - PEP BB textile.sand.darn (Go to) Maddy Youngson
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[+] pep nest » Clean an Oily Dish Without Soap - PEP BB nest.sand.jeeves.oilydish (Go to) Jennifer Richardson
[+] meaningless drivel » Quote of the day (Go to) Dc Stewart
[+] pep food prep » PEP Badge: Food Prep and Preservation (Go to) Dave Burton
[+] paul wheaton's pseudo blog » paul's patreon stuff got his videos and podcasts running again! (Go to) paul wheaton
[+] pep rocket » Start and Operate a J-Tube Rocket Mass Heater - PEP BB rocket.sand.rmhjtube (Go to) Mike Haasl
[+] pep greywater » PEP BB greywillow.sand.upgrade - Upgrade a Willow Feeder (Go to) Ash Jackson
[+] pep metalworking » PEP Badge: Metal Working (Go to) David Huang
[+] wheaton laboratories » Ash's times at Wheaton Labs (Go to) Ash Jackson
[+] wheaton laboratories » Josiah’s Bootcamp Log (Go to) Josiah Kobernik
[+] wheaton laboratories » Jen’s Boot Camp and Allerton Abbey Experience (Go to) Jennifer Richardson
[+] pep natural medicine » Make a natural medicine reference journal - PEP BB medicine.sand.journal (Go to) Justyn Mavis
[+] meaningless drivel » Change a letter game (Go to) Julie Hoolie
[+] pep commerce » Sell your permaculture labor off-site and get paid - PEP BB Commerce.sand.labor (Go to) r ranson
[+] pep commerce » Perform some sort of labor over the internet and get paid - PEP BB Commerce.Sand.Internet (Go to) Julie Hoolie
[+] pep nest » Set up a system for collecting burnables - PEP BB Nest.Sand.Jeeves.Burnables (Go to) Julie Hoolie
[+] pep food prep » Water bath canning - PEP BB Food.sand.waterbath (Go to) Julia Winter
[+] pep homesteading » PEP Badge: Homesteading (Go to) Mike Barkley
[+] pep natural medicine » PEP Badge: Natural Medicine (Go to) Penny McLoughlin
[+] pep food prep » Cook Grain on a Stove Top - PEP BB food.sand.grain.stove (Go to) jordan barton
[+] skills to inherit property » Bounties for Badge Bits - Get Freebies! (Go to) David Huang
[+] pep nest » Oil Wooden Kitchen Utensils - PEP BB nest.sand.utensils (Go to) Julie Hoolie
[+] natural building » Design: Solarium at Wheaton Labs: Design Conversation (Go to) Davin Hoyt
[+] pep electricity » PEP Badge: Electricity (Go to) Mike Haasl
[+] pep animal care » PEP Badge: Animal Care (Go to) Dave Burton
[+] pep nest » Sweep a Floor - PEP BB nest.sand.sweepfloor (Go to) Jinn Girardot
[+] pep community » Brand a location - PEP BB community.sand.brand (Go to) Opalyn Rose
[+] pep » October 2020 BB20 Skill Building Event - free at wheaton labs (Go to) Mike Haasl
[+] pep natural medicine » Dry elderberries for a tea, infusion or decoction - PEP BB medicine.sand.dryelderberries (Go to) Ashley Cottonwood
[+] pep lumber woodworking » Make a sign - PEP BB dimensional.sand.sign (Go to) Opalyn Rose
[+] pep food prep » Salt brine ferment/pickle something - PEP BB Food.sand.salt (Go to) Mk Neal
[+] pep nest » PEP BB - Clean a Kitchen (Go to) David Huang
[+] pep nest » Clean a Bathroom - PEP BB nest.sand.bathroom (Go to) David Huang
[+] pep nest » Install 30 Feet of Permanent Clothes Line - PEP BB nest.sand.jeeves.clothesline (Go to) Opalyn Rose
[+] paul wheaton » 177 hours of video: the Permaculture Design Course and Appropriate Technology Course (Go to) paul wheaton
[+] pep oddball » PEP Badge: Oddball (Go to) paul wheaton