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killing barnyard grass


Joined: Sep 01, 2011
Posts: 4
This year I have a lot of barnyard grass in my lawn. Is there a selective herbicide that will kill it? I know roundup will get it, but it will also get my lawn grass.
thanks for any help

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  • paul wheaton

    Joined: Apr 01, 2005
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    Location: missoula, montana (zone 4)
    On these forums we do everything organically.  We never use any kind of herbicide.

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    Joined: Sep 01, 2011
    Posts: 4
    Thank you, Paul. Organically what is the best way to eliminate or control barnyard grass?
    I believe it is an annual grass so I can keep cutting it short so it will not go to seed. If I dig it out, hopefully I can get to the roots. If I do not get to the roots will it just die and not come back next year?
    Jan Sebastian Dunkelheit

    Joined: Aug 08, 2010
    Posts: 201
    Location: Germany/Cologne - Finland/Savonlinna
    How often do you water and fertilize your lawn? Is it moist all the time? Barnyard Grasses like it moist. In nature they often indicate a depression where rain water accumulates sub soil and of course excess of nitrogen.
    Cut back on those two would be my advice. Starve them.

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    Joined: Sep 01, 2011
    Posts: 4
    I fertilized in March and May. Nothing during the summer. I am getting ready to renovate by de-thatching, seeding and organic fertilizing. I do have some low spots in the lawn which I will fill in this fall. As for watering, we had the wettest August on record in DE so it doesn't surprise me then, about what you said about barnyard grass liking moisture.
    Any other thoughts about starving the barnyard grass?
    Much thanks.
    Jan Sebastian Dunkelheit

    Joined: Aug 08, 2010
    Posts: 201
    Location: Germany/Cologne - Finland/Savonlinna
    I would stop fertilizing for a good year if not forever ( ) and add sand for better drainage when you have heavy soil. That attacks the conditions barnyard grasses like. I would also rip them out manually. From my experience they are easy to pull, right?

    Manually removing the motherplants is back-braking business. But with patience, ambition and changed conditions they shouldn't come back. They really do love an excess of nitrogen. Barnyard grasses only come up in my vegetable patches not in my lawn for this reason...
    subject: killing barnyard grass
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