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What to do with 50 acres in Hawai'i ?!


Joined: Jul 21, 2011
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Aloha kids !
We've got a wonderful old macadamia nut farm, has been left alone for over 20 years.
Mac nut trees only cover a few acres, mostly empty available to transition to permaculture. There are a few acres that have mango, avocado, coconut, a few mountain apple and citrus, papaya, acerola cherry, coffee, and lot still undiscovered!
We have the offgrid part moving and Mad Scientist labs for more such contraptions! Need knowledgable permaculture folks to come do that thing.
It's got a great start, having reverted to natural growth and we're ready to make this into a village of such sorts for a permaculture paradise.

50 acres. Kapoho, Puna, Big Island, Hawai'i.
Who's ready??!!

Fred Winsol

Joined: May 22, 2011
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Location: Sierras
The Big isle has an assortment of IC's, and history.  Maybe you can get Rosanna Barr's newfound love for macademia nuts to help 

What are your offering regarding accomodations, work exchange, etc?

Life is too important to take seriously.

Joined: Jul 21, 2011
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Hah! Yeah.
Just got started mowing 8' tall grass and clearing old banana patches (they're so good!!) the rest of the existing food and the old farmhouse.
Have over 3200w of solar panels, cp with 4000w inverter,  rain catchment and plans to let it develop..... Open to any suggestions.
Arrangements will evolve as the value of the village does.
Right now it's about getting it started, so we simply want qualified people to get here and help attract later villagers with more enthusiasm than experience.
Nothing set in stone except for the intent.... No restricting ideas for how to get there.
Not a consensus based place, but all advice and educated guesses are absolutely welcome and to be used to allow this beautiful acreage to be a permanently self-feeding village.

Joined: Jul 21, 2011
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....the transition lab should not have been glossed over....

The solar electric system we have is indeed a "transition-works".
The shop powered by it will be turning out renewable fuel powered contraptions.
Many bicycle/treadle power tools and equipment, solar powered mechanical and hydraulic devices, steam power, draft animals and much more... Harnessing physics while thinking out the ability to renew the harness as well as the powerplant and its fuel.
We have horses already, cattle, goats, chickens and such scheduled for delivery.
We're quite fortunate to be able to get all of this together at the beginning.
Everything needed is waiting....
If I could do it by myself, I'd be telling you all about how it's already transformed!

Perry Way

Joined: Nov 07, 2010
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wow, you are so fortunate to have a large piece of land like that in an area that gets rainfall often. I know what I'd do, if the land were mine. More trees. I'd grow them from seed too, so they develop long tap roots that seek water deep in the ground and thus requiring no irrigation.  I'd love to break a sweat knowing that most anything will grow well. What have you got worked out in your mind in relation to compensation? You're asking for someone to devote their life energy, they should be compensated somehow beyond merely growing the food that feeds them. There's clothing, car insurance, fuel for car, stuff you can't grow....

Joined: Sep 12, 2011
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Location: Baltimore, MD
I'm interested.

I discovered permaculture this spring and immediately devoured the designer's manual.  I took a four-day course with Warren Brush, and I helped design the farm's layout, contributing a front yard food forest design as well as practice helping design a few gardens with my boss, who I taught things he didn't understand about the systems--things I learned from 5 years of studying biology and ecology, from honors and International Baccalaureate in high school to 2 years of Environmental Studies in San Francisco, and a good deal of independent reading, observation, and practice on my own.

I have worked on a ranch in Santa Barbara, a farm in Kansas, the jungle in Mexico, and farms across the eastern US (illinois, missouri, michigan, ohio, maryland) .  I want to become a community member in an ecovillage, to live and work and hopefully make enough money to buy my own place and become a professional permaculture designer, professional performer, food product merchant, and/or civic leader.  I wouldn't plan to live in this place forever, but 2-5 years or so would be a safe bet.

I will have no money coming into this, just a head full of knowledge and an ambition to rehabilitate our planet, build community, and build a future/home/resources for my own joy and that of my progeny (that I don't have yet).

Now that I've made my sales pitch, I have a few considerations:

What infrastructure do you have now?
What plans for income?
How many people are there now, and how many do you hope to have ultimately?

Basically, I'm curious what your intent is--do you have some mission, such as spirituality, income, ecological remediation, or just to have a sweet little slice of paradise?  And what will be ready when/if I arrive.  (Looking down I see you are into the technical aspect--well rest assured I know permaculture, and will be studying thoroughly hawaii's plant and animal precedents)

Lance Gomez


"heroes are people who make good use of their time on earth." Jonathan Tillit.
Ken Peavey

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Sounds like a fun project, wish you the best.

Seed the Mind, Harvest Ideas.
Matt Spencer

Joined: Jul 10, 2014
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Are you still up and running?
how do we connect?
were coming to hawaii in one week with our gloves on.
subject: What to do with 50 acres in Hawai'i ?!