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New Peeps.


Joined: May 27, 2011
Posts: 3
Location: Sault ste. marie
Hey! How's it goin"? My Hubby and I are interested in Permaculture but so far every time I start asking questions and for advice on things I seem to be ignored...even on this site which for the most part seems friendly enough. Do I have to have land or money or special contacts within the community to get an answer or am I just being oversensitive.(does occaisionally happen with me)I have had a hard life and am quite honest about it...which tends to put peeps off with me.Don't care for B.S. have no time for it and tend to be honest to the point of bluntness.(most peeps say they can handle this but rarely do).I'm Prickly but have a good heart, love kids, nature and could care less about material things.Society tends to rub me the wrong way and stand behind the VERY few friends I have.(have high standards in ethics and expect others to have same...which rarely happens).And oh yeah! have a form of Autism, High functioning 3 of my 4 children do to...might explain why I think differently than most.Far from stupid though and need to get some plans together for my own house once certain monies come through.Really need some practicle advice from peeps familier with Northern Ontario climate.

Hope I didn't offend too many,
Tks Cedarwitch.
Max Tanner

Joined: Feb 26, 2011
Posts: 90
Location: Ontario North and South - right now, moving North Permanently soon. Timmins Cochrane areas
I saw one of your posts but it was attached to another one, sort of Hi-jacking a thread actually. In forums, you need to stay to the topic, if you have anything else find the right one, or create your own like you just did.. so Ya!

Peed off, na.. I dislike almost everyone now, so join the grumpy they can all rot in a warm place club.

sepp holzer  which is mentioned by Paul about 1000+ times, lives on the side of a mountain in Austria, so about the same temps as you, but a bit higher elevation.

Land, you did not say you have any! Can you rent lease own, make an arrangement with someone who has land? I did that, so I am helping them out, he is anti-social as well, so we can grump along together!

Most people have no knowledge of Permaculture, or Masoula plantings etc (sp? sorry) I would read away and then ask some questions. I only know a little bit, and am new to it. Remember that Northern Idaho - Main - Montana are very similar to us as well.
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Lacy VanCam

Joined: Sep 23, 2011
Posts: 42
Hey Cedarwitch,
I am a permie in Southern Ontario, so I am less help than those living north of zone 5, but I am practicing Permaculture on my land. I used Youtube to obtain loads of information, I also visited some sites in Ontario using Permaculture to farm. I really enjoyed going to Everdale Farm, they have a straw bale building, and are farming on the land, in harmony with the land. I also got a few really good field guides, to help me along. The more you learn about plants and their uses, about companion planting and about forest gardening, the better off you are. I feel I learn something new about Permaculture and gardening everyday. If you have any specific questions I would be happy to try to answer them. Best of Luck!
Adrien Quenneville

Joined: Jan 04, 2011
Posts: 61
Location: Alexandria, ON, Zone 4a
Hi Cedarwitch,

I lived a few years in Northern Ontario, now I'm in northern Manitoba.

First off, what region of Northern Ontario do you live in? It makes a big difference in what you can do permaculture-wise. Are you more North shore of Lake Huron, or North Shore of Lake Superior, or around Kenora?

I'll be happy to help, just need to know what kind of climate you're working with...

It's in the permaculture playing cards. Here's the link:
subject: New Peeps.