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plum tree root runner questions?

Joseph Fields

Joined: Feb 23, 2011
Posts: 166
Location: Berea, Kentucky
I have a huge (18feet) plum tree in my yard that has been loaded with small DELICIOUS purple plums every year, but this one. I think I over mulched it, and caused an ant infestation. It was on the property when I bought the place. Any who this tree sends out tons of root seedlings. I have around 15 of these root seedlings set out (some this year some last year). I just read that most flowering plums are created from grafting a plum to a dwarf peach tree. This made me happy cause I was planing on grafting in some peach limbs anyway. Then I read that peach trees only grow from seeds. This year I got a fruit cocktail tree from eburgess, and plan on going graft crazy in couple of years. I guess my root question in which varieties of plum trees reproduce from root saplings and how do they perform as root stock?

Joined: Jul 07, 2010
Posts: 508 ; in regard to peach trees growing only from seeds..  in fact a few sites chorus warnings about trees started from seeds are likely to be different from the parent tree.
Thekla McDaniels

Joined: Aug 23, 2011
Posts: 737
Location: Grand Valley of Colorado's Western Slope
Did you get your tree questions answered?

I am not sure exactly what the situation is with the plum tree.  If it is sending up shoots from the roots, I've always called those "suckers".  If your tree was grafted, and most fruit trees are, then the root stock is what is sending up shoots, and, if you separated a nice healthy shoot with some roots and grew it, you could graft onto it.

Most fruit trees are vegetatively reproduced, whether by grafting, or by rooting cuttings.  in essence, every single granny smith apple tree has been grown from a piece of the original apple tree in granny smith's garden.  If you start from a seed, you will have a new variety.  It might be wonderful, you could name it and patent it, or it might be bitter and awful.....

If you are wanting root stock, or to know about the qualities of the various rootstocks, Raintree Nursery is a great resource, and they don't just sell root stock and conventional widely known and cultivated plants.  They sell aronia and goumi and pawpaws.  I don't know a better source for unconventional and odd ball food plants.  Check them out!


Joseph Fields

Joined: Feb 23, 2011
Posts: 166
Location: Berea, Kentucky
I think my adult plum is at the end of it's road. Alas I got plenty of replacements If the suckers are the same as the adult. I have a couple that came up in great spots in my yard.  I'm not going to move them. I'm going to wait and see what they produce and if there not any good I'll graft in a few limbs of what I want.
It's in the permaculture playing cards. Here's the link:
subject: plum tree root runner questions?