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Chinese Permaculture Resources

Nong Jiu

Joined: Jun 06, 2011
Posts: 3
Location: Zone: 9 Zhejiang, China
I've been in China for three years too long and am now starting my own permaculture wiki and forums in Chinese.  To date, I can find very little permaculture information in Chinese and no specific information whatsoever.

I'm looking for some videos I can dub and add subtitles to, posting on the major Chinese video sites to spread the word.  I would want to have links from the videos both to the Chinese forums and their original sources.  Problem is, I can't get on YouTube or many other video sites, so I would need them on an FTP or some other form of direct download.

I'm also looking for anyone who writes Chinese and wants to spread the word about permaculture to the largest population of farmers in the world.

I'm already planning on using extensive links to available resources (such as permies.com) through google.translate, and am looking for other suggestions of how to get all the necessary information up on the (Chinese) web as fast, clear, and sanely as possible.  Why rewrite the book?  I just want to spread the word!

I would appreciate any kind of advice!


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Lisa Paulson

Joined: Apr 17, 2010
Posts: 258
I wish you luck as that is a super endeavour !
yunnan sam

Joined: Oct 22, 2011
Posts: 2
Hi Thomas,

I just sent a message to a Thomas on permaculture global about permaculture in China, and I'm now wondering if you are one and the same.

Anyway, I can put some videos on dropbox. I've got a load. I don't want to post the dropbox links here because I wouldn't like to cause copyright problems for this wonderful forum. But if you can send me an email address I'll send the links to you. And, by the way, good work man.

I've just posted on this forum:


I'm co-teaching a PDC in China in May and I have been trying to find people in China who are also interested in or are practising permaculture, though I'm not currently living in China. Not found much so far. I'm thinking a bilingual website that would act as a hub and a networking tool for permaculture in China would be good.


Priscilla Ip

Joined: Dec 29, 2011
Posts: 1
Hi Thomas and Sam,

I'm currently living in China, was planning to take the PDC course next year in Australia. Now that I know you guys are coming, I'm thoroughly exciting! Please keep me posted when the registration time comes. I can speak and write fluent Chinese and English if you need my help on anything.

Bobby Eshleman

Joined: Mar 16, 2012
Posts: 53
大家好. 我是"波比", 我打算今年冬天到台灣去學習. 我也希望給人群機會學會普門.我中文水平還很低,以後我要翻譯普門的書從英文到中文,台語,西班牙文.德文都就是我才學會的語言. 中文普門的信息在哪? 謝謝!
Bill Eagle

Joined: Apr 22, 2013
Posts: 7
Bobby Eshleman wrote:大家好. 我是"波比", 我打算今年冬天到台灣去學習. 我也希望給人群機會學會普門.我中文水平還很低,以後我要翻譯普門的書從英文到中文,台語,西班牙文.德文都就是我才學會的語言. 中文普門的信息在哪? 謝謝!

Neally,no Chinese people know普门 ,what is that?
Tiffany Grell

Joined: Aug 13, 2012
Posts: 6
Location: Malaysia
So.... I have been living and doing permaculture work in asia for years.. but everytime I am asked.. what I say is that my heart is in china. For some reason I feel that is where I am meant to be living and working, but first I need a community of like-minded folk. No man or woman is an island I believe, and I am so tired of feeling like I am making things happen on my own. In addition to this, while I think that my chinese is passable for normal everyday chit chat, it is in no way adequate for the kind of work that I would need to be doing to be doing successful outreach. Sooo I figure one more year and I will be fluent.. I need a good reason to return so that I can make this happen. I am currently working on a permaculture project in Malaysia Do any of you have sites that are operational and need assistance?

I do feel like I have somthing to offer this thread: I went to the bio-regional permaculture convergence in Hong Kong in November. I met a lot of people who are interested in seeing how they can be a part of a permacultural movement in china. I am ready to begin an email list, and feel that all of the people in this thread should definately be a part of it. Please send me your email if you would like to be a part of this conversation, or connect me with others who have the same idea. I know of books and other resources in chinese and can link you with people and projects in Hong Kong and Taiwan and Beijing. I am rooting for all of you, and I hope that I have the pleasure of meeting you all in the near future.

Please write with emails or contact info for anyone who would like to be a part of the china discussion group that I am compiling,
Tiffany permyfany@gmail.com

Permaculture in the roof of the world.. in the senic himalayas. 10th Annual PDC in Darjeeling India Nov 7-21 2013. Check out www.i-permaculture.org for more information.
Kay Gee

Joined: Sep 25, 2013
Posts: 17
Very cool. Where in China? I am not in China, but pretty nearby with very similar culture. Here i find permaculture is everywhere, but almost always with the older and aboriginal groups, talk to them. finding printed text can be hard, I know, but verbal dialog from people with untold history of the land is priceless. In Taiwan I find people generally confused/against permaculture type ideas, and yet they often practice the very same ideas at home on their gardens.
Sylas Lau

Joined: Nov 03, 2013
Posts: 2
Hello My name is Sylas. I am originally from Hong Kong, and currently living in Suzhou (Jiangsu, China).
I want to be connected to other permies and be useful for Permaculture and a sustainable future, simply.

Brief into: I lived in US and NZ, so I am familiar with the Chinese and Anglo culture, fluently bilingual in Chinese and English (although my Eng grammar gets sloppy at times and Putonghua pronunciation needs some improvement). I have a bachelor degree in Molecular Biology, working experience in laboratories, event organisation, teaching (kids to senior adults) and materials write-ups, customer service management.

Please contact me if I can be any help in projects of yours or anyone you know. Email: sylaslau@gmail.com
All I want in return is the opportunity to learn more, and gain some experience and friends.
I agree. Here's the link: http://richsoil.com/cards
subject: Chinese Permaculture Resources