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pleasant peasant woman sought


Joined: May 20, 2010
Posts: 2
Location: Eastern Washington
Seeking to attract: Likewise pleasant peasant woman between 45 and 55 for a life devoted to farming, changing the world and doing so in loving partnership. Have 30-acre organic farm (19.5 acres pasture), raise livestock, vegetables; putting in berries and trees. If all you want to do is farm and homestead in a beautiful setting along side a loving man with much opportunity for creativity (and accumulating wealth of the money kind is not a goal), this is your refuge waiting. Interested? Let's talk about it.

Joined: Sep 25, 2011
Posts: 8
im definitly a peasant and i think im probably not pleasant but that depends on your levels of sense of humour and whether you value the truth rather than the veneer of politeness. which i dont really unless its a cop then i understand its value  totally. not that i talk  to them much...errr dig dig dig,,,,,i  have a sythe and i have a quarter acre of thistles brambles and nettles and i have a house what im going tp green witharocket stove. erm i have two boys who can be rather usefull.... i like cooking and i like woodwork and making things out of nothing. and i live really far away ........... and id love to get out of here and go somewhere nice and quiet with totally different people and things cos theres lots of people to take care of here and it would be nice to be somewhere i was part of something with someone just soething normal and nice. and probably go mad together lol in a good way. books probably tell a lot about whether people are like minded ...we all have hearts but its the mind that i think defines whether you can be friends with someone you can loveanyone but would you be able to build shelves together that sthe test really. so robert anton wilson terry pratchet are two of my fave writers. well hope you find someone nearer anyway i just thought  id chatter on a bit:}
Suki Leith

Joined: Jul 27, 2012
Posts: 101
Location: Oakland, CA
Just browsing this section when caught site of "peasant...woman...sought." That caught my eye because I'd tried to be "Peasant Daughter" here but Permies is holding a grudge against all you Hatfields and McCoys and wouldn't let me! I think my two ex's would both say I was pleasant. Neither of them were into the idea of homesteading, btw... Then age, then - well, the whole description was a lovely vision. Okay, and I'm browsing 'cause yeah I'm occasionally thinking wouldn't it be nice if...and this is safe to reply to since there's no chance I'll be heading out on a blind date that crosses two state lines anytime soon.

So where in Eastern Washington are you? Along the Northern and Eastern borders seem nice, (need trees! need at least hills!) What made you choose East of the Cascades vs. the the lush West side? Or are you close to the Idaho border?

kathy browning

Joined: Sep 26, 2013
Posts: 8
i am a pleasant peasant in northern lower michigan. hello, i love you all already...
subject: pleasant peasant woman sought