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Moles building race tracks in yard!


Joined: Apr 05, 2011
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Location: Mexico, Mo.
I'm sure many of you are having the same problem. From what I gather they are bad this year! I have found a formula for getting rid of those suckers!
  Shaklee makes 2 products that work well together. this is my formula. tried and tested.
1.5 quarts of basic H
1/2 pint of basic G
10-12 gallons of water
use ortho bottle, or injector
spray every 100 feet, or acre.

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Tyler Ludens

Joined: Jun 25, 2010
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Location: Central Texas USA Latitude 30 Zone 8
Moles are so cute! 

Idle dreamer

Jeremy Bunag

Joined: May 30, 2007
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Location: Central IL
  I guess I'm at a loss as to what basic H and basic G are...

Joined: Apr 05, 2011
Posts: 5
Location: Mexico, Mo.
Basic H is an organic surfactant. plants love it. Basic G is a germicide. both have been used in combination with each other for many years, for instance in cleaning livestock buildings. But this combination works great for getting rid of grubs. the liquid lea is simply liquid vitamins. that combo will fertilize, get rid of dandelions, and rid your yard of grubs. then the moles will move on.
duane hennon

Joined: Sep 23, 2010
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Location: western pennsylvania zone 5/a

the moles main food is earthworms.
getting rid of grubs will not get rid of moles.
getting rid of grubs and earthworms with poisons will
Jami McBride

Joined: Aug 29, 2009
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Location: PNW Oregon
Yes, 4greenhealth promoting chemical $ solutions are frowned on around here.  Using H & G are not a sustainable solution, and anything that kills grubs, worms and dandelions is moving in the wrong direction, away from permaculture

Any other ideas 
Jack Shawburn

Joined: Jan 18, 2011
Posts: 230
My brother gave me two sacks of dried Garlic
I open up under the mole hill and drop about six bulbs in
it keeps them away for a while
then they just dig another ....

They ate my whole 2010 crop of sweet potato.!
subject: Moles building race tracks in yard!