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42, fit female pisces permie in British Columbia


Joined: Apr 04, 2011
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Does anyone else on here feel frustrated by the dating scene?  I am deep into peak oil and climate issues, and would really like to meet someone who "gets it" but it is so rare that I meet aware people (yes, even in BC, this bastion of granola-eating).  I'd love to meet a fella between 36 and 50 who is interested in building a sustainable relationship and lifestyle (as much as that is possible) including having a permie farm.  I'm 42 but I'm often told that I look much younger (I guess a lifetime of fitness and mostly veggie/organic food has paid off!) At this point I'm not interested in birthing kids, but I'm open to options and if you already have kids, great.  I did my permaculture training at a Quaker retreat centre in Pennsylvania last summer and can't wait to get on some land.  I'm open to moving but I do think that BC is a great place to ride out the Great Turning. 

My interests include: reading non-fiction (esp. energy and resource issues, permaculture-related, ecopsychology), skiing (x-c and downhill), hiking, running, cycling, yoga, paddling, gardening and more).  I'm starting to learn more about food preservation.  I also love a great documentary or live music show.  I have a really curious mind and I enjoy taking courses to expand my knowledge.  And,  as much as I love to get dressed up, as you can see from my photo, I don't mind getting dirty!
Word that describe me:  soulful, visionary, creative, easy-going, intelligent, funny, kind, inquisitive, fit, youthful.

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Forced To Register

Joined: Apr 14, 2011
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You inspired my account name.

I have spent years lurking far and wide on the Internet, never needing to announce my presence. For every insightful comment there seemed a magnitude or more of trash. To put a prairie spin on an old  saying, "a poor wheat to chaff ratio" exists out there. Your comment on the dating scene likely reflects something similar. You changed all that when "fit female Pisces permie" seized on my weakness for alliteration.

Perhaps that is overly dramatic... now you have me flustered enough to start splitting infinitives! I was an awkward geek long before it became trendy. Now I am semi-retired, working three nights a week at a modest job that still pays living expenses and more. The rest of the time is life experimentation in a very progressive rural municipality.

As alluded to above, I live in Saskatchewan at an ecovillage ( as part of the Craik Sustainable Living Project. I don't share your extroverted bravery about posting photos, but you could see me on YouTube ( about six minutes in. It was recorded in 2008 but I don't age that quickly. The beard was shaved once my drivers licence photo updated.

Stats? Born in 1965; BMI about 23; Height 5'8"; old enough to still use inches, apparently; IQ 147 but still appear stupid to the local farmers on a regular basis. Is this information relevant? Can you surmise my inexperience in this area? Am I supposed to be selling myself somehow?

Let me finish for now by saying I appreciate your posting. You appear wonderful. Upon reflection of my own past, I realized that people that have mattered do not correlate to any particular criteria. None of them would return from a database query. Whatever happens, you have already bestowed (ack, another split infinitive!) a positive vibe. Thank you.


Joined: Apr 04, 2011
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I believe that this is a public forum, so please email me at gardenforest (at) if you'd like to connect further.

Joined: Jun 23, 2011
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I am very much interested on permaculture but no training yet, I d love to be your friend.
Max Tanner

Joined: Feb 26, 2011
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Location: Ontario North and South - right now, moving North Permanently soon. Timmins Cochrane areas
There is a large Poly comunity in Vancouver and a few of them fit the bill for you. I used to live in BC, lovely place came back to Ontario for family.
Best of luck to you
my wilderness return story and adveture

Joined: Sep 13, 2011
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Location: Saskatchewan Canada
Yes it is hard to find "aware" people. It's really frustrating. Good luck with your search.

Know who grows your local.
Luis Chavez

Joined: Dec 07, 2011
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Hi Pisces! you know what was the first thing that draw my attention? B.C. I live in Ecuador and had the opportunity to travel to BC a couple of years ago. Beautiful place, wonderful-wonderful people.. I said to myself : I hav eto come back here and experience more of this beautiful country. I am 48, live in Coastal Ecuador , @ the beach.. near a dry forest area..where I am trying to crank up a permaculture orientatde farm. I believe in peace in the heart and harmony with all things and peole around me. Yo look awesome! even under that layer of is that mud? or maybe its the light of the picture.. dont have my glasses on... I also own a mini lodge that is my weekly scape-away from my 3 day job in the city 3 hours away. I rent rooms to tourist that come to a lively surf town 2 miles awawy.. have not posted yet, but I think I will... I am seeing very interesting folks heer sharing , basically, a concept of life. take care, hope to meet you soon, either internet or who knows, maybe I will get up there again Take care!

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subject: 42, fit female pisces permie in British Columbia