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Joined: Mar 16, 2011
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My dad's family owns about 120 acres in Noble County, Ohio. We are not looking to actually make a profit off the land, merely want to cover the cost of upkeep & maintenance for the property. I was doing some research & came across the ideas of permaculture/forest gardening and have been looking into whether or not it would be a viable option to create enough money for what we have in mind. Keeping in mind that no one lives at the farm full-time, is there a way to make this work?
John Polk

Joined: Feb 20, 2011
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This has the possibility of becoming either a Win-Win, or a disaster:

If there is a large city nearby, you might find a couple who want to build a PC farm for themselves, but like most folks, don't have the cash/credit to buy land.  If they could live 3-5 years @ nearly rent-free while keeping their city jobs, they could save enough to fulfill their dreams.  In that time, they would be planting & practicing their skills on your land.  If their "rent" covered your property taxes, and they were providing the maintenance, you have fulfilled your wishes, and they have learned along the way of saving their cash for their own place.

The disaster could be if you allowed them to pay the property taxes...if they have 3-5 years proof that they have been paying the property taxes, the land is theirs if they apply to the county tax collector.  They need to pay YOU, and YOU must pay the property taxes to protect your property.

Get a lawyer to write up an iron-clad contract.
Matu Collins

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Somewhere there are a couple of folks with PDCs (permaculture design certificates, for those who don't know) that are wishing for land to get started on. If you can connect with them, and draw up that iron clad contract, it's a real win-win.

Is there a house for people to live in?
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