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Seek p.maculture friend- share farm, ideas


Joined: Jan 20, 2011
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I'M SEEKING TO COMMUNICATE[i] WITH SOME LIKE MINDED PERMACULTURE , alternative energy, alt. health, natural resource development and practical minded men, or especially naturally pretty, healthy, energetic, sweet non-selfish ladies in order to share practical permaculture, edible-landscaping, business, nomadic living and other interesting ideas & opportunities .  If topics discussed mutually beneficial can discuss meeting somewhere and potential for doing something interesting and later possibly working co-operatively to build, use, MARKET and enjoy systems and available resources that can prove to be vitally important now and critically important during the coming predicted potentially very rough days soon ahead.

Was little worried about Family Radio's May 21, 2011 "God's Judgement Day" prediction, THEN LATER discovered, from another source that infamous 10th Planet "X" THE DESTROYER will be passing closeby PLANET EARTH - about the SAME WEEK on it's normal 3,620 year
sweep of our galexy/atmosphere.  So - go figuer...  Am involved in New Battery Design and 15-Minute Recharge system technology - partner Invented the Lithium-ion and "URINE" batteries battertLet me hear from you. neltrondance
Laura Jean Wilde

Joined: Aug 03, 2011
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looks like we survived both but we also are seeking nearby permie/poly culture enthusiasts. where are you?

Wilde on Turtle Island
Walk Gently on our Mother Earth
subject: Seek p.maculture friend- share farm, ideas