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(Post-) Hydrocarbon Aesthetics


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Quote of the month:

Even the alarmingly large crowd of people who would rather show off than conserve will change their habits when energy consumption becomes an instant indicator of stupidity and social indifference. —Scott Burns, financial adviser

Published on 18 Oct 2006 by Energy Bulletin. Archived on 18 Oct 2006.

From a good article by Richard Heinberg on the art and aesthetics of pre-industrial artists and its effects on post-industrialist art and artists.
David MacLeod

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Yes, I remember when this article came out a couple of years ago - good stuff.
It can be found here:

David MacLeod
A social permaculturist; co-initiated Transition Whatcom; accredited PatternDynamics workshop facilitator; co-instructor at the Inspiration Farm PDC. I blog at
rose macaskie

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      Are aesthetics a bit too gay or something. Can't a real man handle them? Is not there a side of permaculture that talks of being calm and happy is not holism a bit of permaculture.
  Of course women deal with aesetics they traditionally look after the children and old, they are not meant to frighten but to sooth have pretty things instead of seriouse grim ones. Men had to do seriouse the sort of work in which it is necessary to impose on people, like being a judge or police men they sacrifice the decorative to the seriouse, in exchange they are the ones who get to put their fingers in lots of pies, while women get shut up at home.
      Womens jobs are ridiculised, they are treated as instinctive infantil or frivolouse, you try to make the house look pretty for children or the old or because it is not the office and they just think you like silly things, they dont think that maybe those conclusions women arrive at for house are the logical ones considering the use the house is to be given. and considering that they were not expected to convince everyone they were seriouse because they were not looking for a job a general, so they didnot have to impress their serious ness on everyone, they could just put in the pretty.
        They got coned into playing a comforting role,no one told them, as girls, that it would mean they would not be taken seriously.
        Do you remember the scene in Jane Eyre when the child Jane meets the terrible Mr Brockelhurst, she looks up a black pillar to arrive at a forbidding face. and talking of literature i hav eput off susan munroe who talked of it by being supre horribly critical.
      Go to the country and just see the aesthetic lavished everywhere, flowers, fruits and marvelouse skies, sculptural trunks, enoromouse dark deep night bits, and a mirad of strange insects and animals, our birth right, if you don't like it, go to the town.
      People don't have cars exactly because they want cars, they want to be in the swing of things and riches certainly get you there. The piouse, unreal, pretend there is more freindship in poverty, no, things are uglier than that, you are poor and you have less chance of company, if you are rich you can employ lots of people that is company too.  You can't even ask people out to the pub without money.     
        People often want  human life and more and more of it and if cars will get it for them, well, they will want cars. Like aesthetic things but remember other things have to be considered like sharing or global warming.

  Rich men took the protaganism from the poor and from women and they often did it in part by
turning down the aesthetic, they have a lot to answer for. You lot aren't turning down the bad you are establishing your right to have the veto as usual, rose macaskie.
subject: (Post-) Hydrocarbon Aesthetics