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Joined: Jan 03, 2011
Posts: 25
so since I already posted I guess I better say hello officially sorta, and introduce myself.  Very nice forums here, I think I'll learn a lot, well, already have learned a lot from lurking just a little while.....

so I am I guess you could say an eclectic organic gardener.  Permaculture fits my spirit and philosophy quite well; I just have not yet found myself landed anywhere long enough to really put much of it into practice in a garden.  I hope this has changed but one never knows where the winds are gonna blow!

Currently living in a rental in a lovely place where there is a yard with what has been described to me as "eco (something) -- maybe it was ecolawn?  anyway it is supposed to be several varieties of grass (it is, that's good) but that's literally all that is here.  This place is in a housing dev on a bluff overlooking water.... not sure how long ago it was forested but I am sure that it was.  Next door on one side a lot with wild growth that is let go but for mowing once a year, so that's good, tho I hear it is mowed at the wrong time for the young animals......  The neighborhood deer herd (small) looks real healthy, that's a good sign.  I do hope to coexist, got them some native roses, will plant in spring.

anyway, been learning what I need to know about the septic installations here so I can begin working without compromising that.....  and hope to get something going in the spring.

Frustrated not to have been able to prepare the ground in the fall but -- I wasn't here yet!   

So, I've been gardening for a pretty long time, some off and on, I can't seem to stop doing it though even if I live in a place that makes it challenging.   Learned a lot about container veggies, I did, in the last place but one......

anyway, that's me, I work online, and spend time in several different online communities, one of which is my income place actually (not a gardening site at all or anything like it) so not sure how active I can be here, but hope to learn a lot and share the little bit I might have to contribute.

Okay, 61, female, single and glad to be, living on Whidbey Island ( a place with lots of great farms and gardens but have not found the permies here yet.)  Just moved here after living in a series of unworkable places so hope I can set for a while now!

Planning my vegetable growing for next year and herbs and have bought some native plants too to try to begin a weaving that makes sense, it is wonderful to be doing this.  Big challenge, but a fun one and so.  Not much money to buy stuff, but some, so there it goes.

No truck.  My big handicap right now.  Small car, NO truck.   

Okay, that is probably enough about me, I'm here now.   

(the photo is of a garden I did in Weed CA a few years ago.)

[Thumbnail for 42a61f.jpg]

Jami McBride

Joined: Aug 29, 2009
Posts: 1909
Location: PNW Oregon
Welcome Kyla, nice to here a bit about you.

I hope you can put down roots in your new location, and here at permies.


Joined: Jan 03, 2011
Posts: 25
Well, thanks, Jami, I hope so too. 
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