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Available Land In Ontario


Joined: Dec 20, 2010
Posts: 3
Off-Grid Sustainable Homestead in Ontario Canada
by rustyfingers on Mon Nov 22, 2010 12:34 pm

We own 100 acres of heavily forested woodland, surrounded by thousands of acres of similar land located 4 kilometers into the wilderness from the closest road, just north of the Kawartha Lakes in north/central Ontario & are looking for an select few like-minded people who would care to take part & assist with converting some of this land into an co-operative market garden, with an area for some livestock & a few small low-impact cottges.

This would become an long-term endevour & any persons commited to it's success would be allowed access to this property & it's buildings, at their liesure, for the entire life-span of this project.

Our acreage is only accessable via an old railway line open to hikers, horseback riders, bicyclists & ATV,s during the spring, summer & autumn & then snowmobilers during the winter months. No automobiles are allowed on these trails during anytime of the year!

It is a very secluded area with an abundence of wildlife including moose, deer, black bear, wolf, coyote, beaver & any & all of the wildlife typical to this area of north/central Ontario, yet only 15 or more kilometers from the nearest town, hospital & shopping. This would allow for an ample market of our produce to those seeking fresh vegetables sourced from locally grown small-scale producers. An market which is becoming wide-spread & more popular day after day.

But the "Marketing" part of this endevour is NOT the purpose for it!

It has been an long-time desire of our's, to be able to re-create the simpler lifestyle which was an everyday occurance for our fore-fathers, only a short while ago. We did not have this opportunity available, to ourselves, in the past. But good fortune has presented itself to us now, so we would like to be able to share it with others.

If you are "like-minded" & you are seeking an simpler lifestyle for yourself, we would most enjoy hearing from you!

Travis Philp

Joined: Dec 28, 2009
Posts: 951
Location: ZONE 5a Lindsay Ontario Canada
Greetings Rusty,

I mostly am just writing to say hello, and am glad to hear of your fortune and that you are wishing to share your opportunity with others. I'll keep you in mind as I meet new people interested in beginning such a lifestyle. Sounds like we have similar dreams. Its nice to come across.

My name is Travis Philp. I'm part owner of a farm in the Kawarthas, about halfway between Lindsay and Bobcaygeon on Pigeon Lake Road aka hwy 17. We're about 30 mins from downtown Peterborough. We've called the place Greenshire ( and have been around only a year. In that time we've started a 22 member foodbox program and approx. one acre no-tillage market garden. We built some out buildings for horses, and have 5 of them, with plans to board several more. Two of our members are training in an equine assisted therapy program for humans so we'll offer this service to people once the training is complete.

Like you, we wish to build several cottages to put up for rent, and also build a 16 unit Earth Ship home with attached greenhouse in order to be able to house new farm partners. Going off grid is another goal. We are also planning to plant a forest garden of as many acres as we can afford, full of fruit and nut trees among other crops. We hope to become an educator and showcaser of permaculture/sustainable agriculture, and have already become part of the Kawartha Farm Fresh Tour, and taught three interns.

You're welcome to come visit, or simply ask questions if you'd like.
Zone 5a in Central Ontario, Canada

Joined: Dec 20, 2010
Posts: 3
Hello Travis:
    I know your area well & have travelled #17 often. From your greeting, it sounds as though you have a fantastic set-up beginning. A bit larger than that which we're hoping to accomplish, but quite similar with our ideas for forest & market gardening.
    When my wife & I decided to, attempt to tempt others to join us in this adventure, we set a cap of "so many" others, which only totals about six or seven people, including ourselves. As to date, we've only heard from one person willing to commit, from quite a few responces. I imagine this number will grow however as more people become aware of the project. I certainly hope so. It would be nice to begin early this coming spring.
    We've not considered a rental set-up & this does sound interesting. I would enjoy learning more about your operation & seeing what you've accomplished so far. Perhaps after the new year, we can arrange for a short visit?

Thanks for your interest!

Joined: Dec 20, 2010
Posts: 3
Hi everyone:

We have now fulfilled the quota of people required for this project. The postings placed throughout various websites, attracted quite a few responces & we were able to keep on top of them all.
Everyone who did inquire into our Permaculture Forest Garden Project was promptly replied to, with as much information as they requested.
Unfortunately however, our land at present, isn't suitable for maintaining any larger an amount of homesteaders than previously determined & now arrived at. So, we are now declining any further replies to these postings regarding membership into this community.

Thankyou to all who have taken an interest!
Travis Philp

Joined: Dec 28, 2009
Posts: 951
Location: ZONE 5a Lindsay Ontario Canada
Weird, I don't think I got a notification about your december 26th posting. Anyways, congratulations.

And as for a visit; yes! Messsage me regarding when you're thinking.
subject: Available Land In Ontario
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