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Permies likes lawn and the farmer likes More Fescue Needed? permies
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More Fescue Needed?


Joined: Sep 07, 2010
Posts: 9
Redo accomplished: tilled and raked off green, laid 2" of compost, then seeded with Black Beauty Tall Fescue, raking very lightly. It proceeded to rain for about 9 straight days, and looks to me like about 70% of the seed has germinated, per attached photos. Just had about the first 36 consecutive hours without rain. Here is my question: do I need to reseed, or should I just continue as planned, which would mean starting alternate day light watering tomorrow? I know tall fescue is slow to germinate, and I still can see plenty of seed, but don't if to expect much further germination.

Joel Hollingsworth

Joined: Jul 01, 2009
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Location: Oakland, CA
That looks like the start of a very good lawn!

I'm imagining what it would be like if each of those seedlings became a full-grown plant, 4" tall. Even if half of them die off, it would still look great.

And consider this: any bare patches have a track record of seed not coming up. I think neighboring plants have a better chance of filling in that space, verses more seeds.

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Al Loria

Joined: Apr 21, 2010
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Location: New York
I think it looks pretty good too.  Tall fescue can take up to three weeks to germinate.  I seeded the large bare spots with it a little over a month ago and it is a slow one to get going.  It is just now starting to fill in to where it looks decent.  I don't believe there are any nurse grasses, like rye, in the JG Black Beauty, which would have made it appear fuller more quickly. 

I would wait until spring before doing any other seeding as it is getting a little late in the season to get new seed established before the cold sets in.

Good luck.


Joined: Sep 07, 2010
Posts: 9
Great, thanks. Just what I needed to hear: nothing more to do this year!
subject: More Fescue Needed?