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Pos. open in permie farm in idyllic valley in NW WA, 20 min frm B-Ham


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Pos. open in permie farm in idyllic valley in NW WA, 20 min frm B-Ham

We have room for one or more on a forested permaculture site with community aspirations.  There are four of us now, with room for 1+ soon, and open to having more as the site is developed as a community.  Specifically we are looking for a person or persons who can live flexibly and take lead in putting up a 24 foot yurt that is stored on the property, which they could then live in. 

This south-facing hillside farm has off-the-grid power, garden, fresh clean drinking water, water to gardens, and future orchards.  There is a very good chicken coop that needs some touch-ups and a bunch of birds.  There is farmland nearby that could also provide an outlet for more food production, or cooperation between properties. 

The farm is near a creek and borders public forest land with good habitat.  The neighbors have mostly known each other for years and are by and large respectful and easy going, and there is possibility for increased cooperation with the other properties to achieve common goals, such as bulk food-buying, trading resources, and etc...  As well there are openings on an adjacent property that the landowner here and a neighbor own, with a room in the house for cash/skilled work trade, and a lofted school bus for worktrade/cash.  So there is room in the valley for several people right away, with much potential on that property for lowland food production, and community development as well. 

There are ample opportunities for road and off-road biking, swimming, paddling, hiking and climbing in walking, biking, or a short drive's distance from home.  We are two miles from relatively clean Salish Sea coast, and in an excellent school district. 

Nearby Bellingham has numerous opportunities for community connection, the arts, sailing, food, provisions, and public transportation.  The area hosts the Transition Whatcom movement (a movement transitioning towns towards more sustainable future generations:, an alternative currency for trading goods and services (, a co-op and public market, two farmer's markets, and colleges of environmental and interdisciplinary studies. 

The working vision for this land has included a community for many years, and the land owner has been a permaculture teacher locally back in the day, and is highly adept at connecting mechanical, electrical, and built elements into highly efficient systems, and has put in alot of good infrastructure and forthought for practical off-the grid living.  The gardener has been studying plants, ethnobotany, environmental education, earth skillz, and permaculture for the last few years.  There are two children on the land as well, both adolescents and well behaved (by and large ;-P). 

We are looking for people who live various modes of interest that are important to us.  The main themes we have organized into a medicine wheel.

E: imagination, play, mentoring
SE: permaculture, gardening, peace
S: tracking, adventures, journeys
SW: bodywork, harvesting, nourishing
W: communication, family, culture building
NW: survival, earth skillz, courage
N: awareness, meditation, consciousness expansion
NE: energy work, seeds, dreaming

There are various ways that additional people could fit into this scenario.  If your life, skills, and interests resonate with the above list, and you want to practice community in the Bellingham area, we should have a conversation: pm me for more about this.

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Hi there, My name is Amy.  I am just exploring some options and came across your post.  I moved to bellingham a year and a half ago from lopez island and have been feeling the need to find a balance between city life and the way I am used to living which has been pretty rustic at times.  I now have a five year old daughter and since she will be in school next year I am considering carefully my next move since it will determine her school and whatnot.  I have been gardening for years, big and small.  I have lived in communities before and feel I would make a good addition to one.  I am also an avid crafter of all things, and just graduated from a school in seattle for Ayurveda.  I would like to hear more about your community, like where it is exactly and more about what you have in mind.  If you have any questions for me please feel free to ask.  Thanks, Amy
Oliver Goshey

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Hello, my name is Oliver, I am a natural home builder and permaculture designer by trade, and have just finished my last building contract in the Philippines. I have worked on several organic farms and and build sites around the world, as well as having work experience as an engineer and electrician in the merchant marines and conventional build trades. i'm very interested in your site and projects and i think i could be a valuable asset to your ambitions. my partner and i live near everett at the moment and we would love to schedule a time to come visit your farm and talk more with you and the other members about how we could work together, especially in regards to community building and expansion. you can contact me at
i look forward to hearing from you soon
Justin Grunow

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Hello, my name is Justin and I'm a young permaculture enthusiast and aspiring designer/builder/educator. My partner, Catherine, and I are from Austin, TX and currently on a 3 month immersive permaculture and organic gardening internship at Lost Valley Education Center, outside of Eugene, Oregon, while simultaneously completing a permaculture design course. The experience has been so beneficial and we are now seeking new opportunities to expand our knowledge, skills and experience. We are envisioning a live-in situation on a farm, homestead, or community (we have a small travel trailer), but we're open to many options.
We are both honest hard workers and quick learners, intent on helping others and making a positive change in our community and the world. We have experience in the nursery and garden- seeding, transplanting, soil and compost building, organic fertilizers and compost tea, pruning, hugelkultur, several propagation techniques like layering and hard wood clippings, polyculture, guilds and use of chickens and ducks for garden/orchard preparation. We have worked in orchards, forest gardens and maintained forest areas, including some exposure to swales and key line design. Another big part of our education here at Lost Valley has been in infrastructure- grey water systems, compost toilets, light construction and natural building, solar water heaters, trail maintenance, rain water collection and more.
We have an entrepreneurial ethic and are interested in small business opportunities. We also both have experience working with children as summer camp counselors and highly value the education of the next generation. Oh, and we love to cook delicious healthy food! We don't need to work together if your only looking for one person, as long as other work opportunities exist in your area.

If this sounds like a good fit, we should talk more. Feel free to email me directly at
subject: Pos. open in permie farm in idyllic valley in NW WA, 20 min frm B-Ham