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Permies likes great white north and the farmer likes Malus sieversii (apple's wild ancestor) at the Cornell Orchards (Ithaca, NY) permies
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Malus sieversii (apple's wild ancestor) at the Cornell Orchards (Ithaca, NY)


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some of you may or may not be aware that folks from Cornell have gone on multiple expeditions to Asia, to the area where Malus domestica originated.  They've collected seed from Malus sieversii and have some planted trees.

If I were anywhere near NY state, I'd go collect some budwood or seed and have some for yourself (and the forum  :wink

"Some, but not all, of the resulting trees show unusual disease resistance. The variation in their response to disease on an individual basis is, itself, a sign of how much more genetically diverse they are than their domesticated descendants."

I did the googling the other month and I'm not aware of any other source of this germplasm in North America.. old article from '96 about collecting the germplasm.  i think they've been back a few times since then.
Kirk Hutchison

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  Thanks for telling me about this! After reading this article I contacted these people and got them to send be seeds! . Apple breeding, here I come!

Paleo Gardener Blog

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good to hear! i dont even have my own land so there's not much point in acquiring germplasm.

maybe you can find info online, but i can try and recount how to do mass breeding if you really want to search hard for varieties with certain qualities.

if anyone else is reading this, the folks at cornell are supposed to be really friendly, just be polite and professional. 

you should be able to pick out gemrplasm listed here, and search based on specific qualities.

different groups hold different germplasm, so it can vary how easy it is to get anything.  but cornell has m. sieversii and ive heard first hand accounts of it being do-able.  also from what i've heard there is a sort of deadline in the winter that you have to request it by, or you have to wait for a year, anyway, good luck!
Bob Steve

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I found 2 places selling these.

I'd like to use a number as root stocks and let some grow to natural form. Seems like these would be more popular since it's a threatened species.
subject: Malus sieversii (apple's wild ancestor) at the Cornell Orchards (Ithaca, NY)