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Permies likes wind and the farmer likes Windmill or desalination plant? It's both. permies
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Windmill or desalination plant? It's both.

MJ Solaro

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In the Netherlands, a new prototype of a Windmill that powers a sea desalination mechanism is successfully running.

Traditional windmills use the wind to turn a turbine, producing electricity. This one instead turns a pump to force seawater through an osmosis barrier, stripping the water of its salt.

While similar devices are on the market today, this device loses less energy in the conversion process and thus is much more efficient. It can provide drinking water for 500 people per day, and has a holding tank to deal with 5 days of windless skies.

Our freshwater crisis is nearly as dramatic as the ones we face with energy and climate change, so seeing devices like this gaining traction is great news.

Read more here:

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subject: Windmill or desalination plant? It's both.