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creeping bentgrass


Joined: Aug 29, 2010
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Hey guy's, my name is Mark and i'm new to the forum... I live up here in western washington just south of seattle. Two years ago I tore up all the grass in my front yard, added 15 yards of top soil and put down new sod. Now after two years I see creeping bent grass invading my new lawn. This bent grass infestation is the main reason I started over and re-turfed two years back, it over took about 75 % of my front lawn, and now Ive got it starting back again. I really like the info on this web site and I am going to go the organic route with my lawn care practice from now on. It sounds like broad leaf weeds are easy to take care of, but without the use of a pre emergent herbicide how does a guy keep these weed grasses from invading.Once this creeping bent grass takes off theres no stopping it. ( other than round - up). Any suggestions would be great !!     Thanks........Mark

Joined: Jan 08, 2011
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Location: Lynnwood, Washington
Hi Mark I'm new to this forum and really enjoying it.  I garden for a living and have worked with many lawns.  An unsatisfactory lawn due to weeds or creeping bent grass isn't as easy to fix as tear out the old and put in the new.  But to accomplish your purposes by installing new sod involves a lengthy process.  Once the old sod is removed, wait and water.  There will be a rapid regreening of the surface.  Millions of seeds that were residing in the soil will be sprouting and the remains of the old sod renewing growth.  Kill them somehow, organically or otherwise (glyphosate only if otherwise) and wait.  And water.  Encourage the remaining seeds and grass roots to sprout and kill them!  In this way, your new sod has a chance of performing better than your old sod.  If you don't do the killing part those things are just going to show up in your new sod.  Brutal, I know, and not something I, as a permie gardener want to do, but this answers your question.  The bent grass never went away.
subject: creeping bentgrass