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Permies likes organic and the farmer likes rabbit pellets as fertilizer permies
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rabbit pellets as fertilizer


Joined: May 08, 2010
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I have rabbit pellets mixed with shavings.  Would that be good for the lawn?  I believe my lawn is high pH since I have dandelions.
Brenda Groth

Joined: Feb 01, 2009
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Location: North Central Michigan
my wild rabbits and deer are constantly fertilizing my lawn and garden with their never burns the soil  (unless the piles are too dee)..i tend to go around with a rake when i have fresh piles and scatter them around so they aren't all in one spot..but my entire yard and most of my gardens have gifts from rabbits and deer year around..i love need to spread..

also occasional bear


Bloom where you are planted.

Joined: Dec 20, 2009
Posts: 148
The mix is great fertilizer. Dandelions are not a good indicator of pH.
Jeremy Bunag

Joined: May 30, 2007
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Location: Central IL
It will be great.  Kept rabbits are usually fed alfalfa feed, and it takes "two eatings" for them to fully digest.  So your pellets will probably be a mix of alfalfa and real poo.  Both of which will be appreciated by your lawn!

Joined: Jan 28, 2010
Posts: 175
I use a mix of rabbit poop, shredded paper, rabbit--used hay, plus kitchen scraps for my lasagna beds.  This mixed once used a few times for vegetables would probably be good for a lawn.  I sometimes use it to fill holes in the yard.  Of course you would not want unprocessed shredded paper in a lawn, but once composted it would make a great fertilizer.

Joined: Jul 20, 2010
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It would work, but shavings would make it look interesting. I use bedding with pellets directly on my raised beds as a mulch and fertilizer. Works great.
Mateo Chester

Joined: Jan 10, 2013
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Location: Zone 4b
From my limited understanding, and I hope this doesn't go without saying, but it's important to use organic pellets as the inorganic ones are typically made using inorganic binders. If I am not mistaken, the organic versions use molasses as a binder. Hope this helps.
Darin Wade

Joined: Jul 30, 2013
Posts: 2

You can use rabbit pellets for fertilizer and composting because rabbit pellets have a special bacteria that decomposes earthen matter like leaves wood etc.
rabbit pellets fortify your lawn with vitamins and minerals especially "Silver" rabbit pellets won't burn your plants nor roots also.

when composting make sure your have your raw materials wetted with water hosing your composting using used coffe grounds as a foundation to asborb too much water when hosing your
composting you can get free used coffee grounds at your local starbucks coffee shops.
Darin Wade

Joined: Jul 30, 2013
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rockguy Hatfield wrote:The mix is great fertilizer. Dandelions are not a good indicator of pH.
Dandelions are a indicator that you have too much Iron in the soil and can burn your lawn and make your grass yellow and create patches in your lawn. to treat your lawn manually you have to overturn your soil and treat it with a protein neutralizer which forties your lawn with potassium to balance
the soil with the righ amount of acid. study your yield of plants to see if your plants are acid or alkaline loving plants. Dandelions are Iron loving plants thats why they grow in Iron fortified soil.
subject: rabbit pellets as fertilizer