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KwaNzira Urban Farming in Southern Africa


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KwaNzira Urban Farming
KwaNzira's mission is to improve the lives of households and communities in Southern Africa by facilitating the establishment of sustainable and self-managed households. We offer households and communities the necessary skills and support to build and manage sustainable livelihoods.

We provide on-site and outreach training in a variety of sustainable practices, a unique monitoring and evaluation system, and access to an international network of sustainable demonstration sites, including our own permaculture demonstration site in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Most of all, KwaNzira provides positive and sustainable solutions to each household’s unique issues.

Node Networking
Our ultimate aim is to network one thousand quality permaculture demonstration nodes in Southern Africa by 2020.  This goal will be achieved by the “Nodes Create Nodes” model where the focus of every node is to facilitate the establishment of ten more permaculture nodes and linking them together.  By forming chains of interlinked nodes, very large and complex data structures can be formed in Africa.

Our main focus is to facilitate the creation of nodes at the household level. A node is a home of sustainable living. Nodes have many faces and perform many functions.  Some nodes may be premier permaculture demonstration models, incorporating a wide variety of sustainable living practices, while other nodes may perform more specific functions.  For example, one household may showcase a renewable energy program while another could be a quality water-harvesting model.  In this way, different households with different capabilities can work together towards achieving the ultimate goal of building a sustainable community.

Come visit us in Johannesburg!
Our training centre and permaculture demonstration site is located just outside of Johannesburg.  Here we practice a variety of sustainable living techniques including growing fruits, vegetables and medicinal herbs, raising livestock, honeybees and worms (apiculture and vermiculture), harvesting rainwater, and recycling graywater.

Or, come visit KwaNzira Urban Farming's website to find out more about our organisation and how you can contact us! CLICK HERE!

Happy Farming,
Ty Ty

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sound great loonbum, house by house village by village slow sensible approach and teaching/learning on the way self empowerment and self respect. i give you applause

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Hello - this is all good news for me. I went to your site and saw that you have done a lot of work in Limpopo. I have a place in the mountains near the village of Haenertsburg. Do you have any training in this area, or Polokwane? I very rarely go to Johannesburg and am about to start working on my 4 hectare little farmling and want to utilise permaculture principles. I am a novice and need some good advice.

Thank you

I agree. Here's the link:
subject: KwaNzira Urban Farming in Southern Africa