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Permies likes fungi and the farmer likes oyster mushroom kit in hugelbeet? permies
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oyster mushroom kit in hugelbeet?

Matu Collins

Joined: Feb 24, 2011
Posts: 1369
Location: Southern New England, seaside, avg yearly rainfall 41.91 in, zone 6b
I was given the gift of a mushroom growing kit two Christmases ago, it was a cardboard box containing a plastic bag. In the plastic bag was coffee grounds cultured with oyster mushroom mycelium. You cut a hole in the side of the plastic and soak it, then spray with water periodically and an oyster mushroom grows out the side. Once that is done you can cut a hole in the other side and the package says you can get another mushroom. I got four from the kit. The last was smallish in comparison.

I am now building a hugelkultur bed and an wondering if sticking the study inside the plastic bag could inoculate the hugelbeet so it would grow mushrooms. Does anyone think this could work, or have suggestions to improve my chances? I am very inexperienced in the world of mycology but I find it fascinating, exciting and delicious.

Matu Collins

Joined: Feb 24, 2011
Posts: 1369
Location: Southern New England, seaside, avg yearly rainfall 41.91 in, zone 6b
Well,I stuck it in the hugel today, I don't know if it will grow but it's not going to do any harm. I'm still interested in above though- it's buried not very deeply, stuck in between two chunks of rotty wood underneath a few inches of leaf mould. I watered it pretty well. Should I bury it more deeply? Water it often for a while? Give up on it because it has no chance of growing?
John Elliott

Joined: May 08, 2013
Posts: 1888
Location: Augusta, GA
I would suggest you scrape away the few inches of leaf mold so that it has some surface exposed to the air. Whenever you go collect them in the wild, they seem to grow best on stumps and out of the side of logs. I know they are one of Paul Stamets' favorites, and he may be able to grow them on a roll of paper towels or a pile of toxic waste, but for those of us not as experienced as him, it might be best to imitate the conditions they like in nature.

But what do I know. I have a hickory stump which I drilled and tried to inoculate with oyster mushroom spores, but the only thing that I've seen sprout from it is some inedible type of polypore that's hard as a rock.
subject: oyster mushroom kit in hugelbeet?
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