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Guinea Fowl hens bullying my chickens!

Sophie Thomas

Joined: Jan 17, 2013
Posts: 36
I recently purchased 5 chickens and 3 Guinea Fowl and they have been living together now for 4 days. Yesterday the Guinea Fowl started bullying the chickens by rounding them up and pinning them into corners. A number of times the three Guineas have picked a single chicken out and pinned her down, not letting her move. They lived with a wide variety of chickens and fowl before so chickens are not new to them.

I thought perhaps this was a reaction to being a bit bored. The yard the Guineas came from was very elaborate with branches and bushes and the enclosure here, while large, does not have the same variation of things to do. I have added two large stumps and two branches for them to climb on.

Does anyone have any experience with this? Is it perhaps a matter of them just getting used to a new place and new chickens? How long should I wait before simply removing them? I really want this to work out as the Guineas were bought to protect the chickens.

John Polk

Joined: Feb 20, 2011
Posts: 6895
Location: Currently in Lake Stevens, WA. Home in Spokane
Since they are in a new environment, with new birds, they are probably just re-establishing themselves back at the top of the pecking order. It should quiet down once the order is set,

Sophie Thomas

Joined: Jan 17, 2013
Posts: 36
Aaaaahh, that seems kind of obvious now that you say it, lol

Hopefully it calms down soon!
subject: Guinea Fowl hens bullying my chickens!