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GMO free / Organic feed

Grant Fulcher

Joined: Nov 20, 2012
Posts: 34
I have had quite a bit of trouble finding organic feed for my meat rabbits. Coyote creek in Austin Tx 512-285-2556 is the only place I have found that offers a product thats organic similiar to pellets. I have to pay 150 for shipping with a 500 dollar minimum order. Other than what I grow in my greenhouse AQ is there any other spots yall use??
Kirk Marschel

Joined: Feb 24, 2012
Posts: 58
Location: Minnesota, USA (Zone 4b)
I haven't had any luck finding organic or GMO free rabbit food here in MN, but I've been thinking about developing my own rabbit feed. It's something that people used to do before mass market feeds, but the difficulty was in the recipe and making it so that it gives the best diet for the rabbits. With making your own you get full control of quality and quantity, you could use Organic ingredients or even grow your own. Often feeds have really high protein content, making a rabbit often overweight. There are definitely a lot of variables. In Bob Bennet's book on Raising Rabbits he provides Mr. Reynolds' Special Rabbit-Feed Recipe, Mr Reynolds is the former ARBA President. But it's labeled as a supplement to pellets.

Mr. Reynolds' Special Rabbit-Feed Recipe
6 quarts oats
1 quart wheat
1 quart sunflower seed
1 quart barley
1 quart kaffir corn
1 quart Terramycin (antibiotic)

Mix oats, wheat, sunflower seed, barley, and kaffir corn. Add Terramycin crumbles to feed mixture once a week. Feed one part of this mixture to three parts of pellets daily.

I'm now sure how I feel about the Terramycin, and I feel the recipe would be fine without it. I'd love to see if anyone uses their own recipe, and if they'd like to share?

Alyssa Miller

Joined: Feb 27, 2013
Posts: 2
Location: VA
This is an older post, but for future reference, I thought I'd chime in where I get organic, GMO-free rabbit feed. Countryside Organics in Virginia sells it and I know they will ship their products. Shipping definitely adds to the cost, but depending on where you live, it might not be too bad. If you buy in bulk and start a local co-op, it could be cost efficient for you, because then they can ship it on a truck. This all depends on where you're having it shipped to, but it wouldn't hurt to give them a call to see if they can be of some help to you.
Steve Hoskins

Joined: Dec 23, 2013
Posts: 61
Location: NW lower Michigan
For anyone in the Midwest looking for organic rabbit pellets...
I'm able to get a lot of different organic feeds from "nature's grown" brand through Hillside feeds, here in Leelanau county, MI. I imagine anyone in the Midwest can order it. It comes on the same truck as "prince" brand, so if you see that, don't be afraid to ask. I am very satisfied with the brand in every way other than cost (~$33/bag). My rabbits are more fatty and tender now. Pelts are better (shiny and durable) too.
I am buying their organic rabbit pellets, various organic chicken feeds, and organic pig feed.
They sell one ton totes, if you need that much.

Here in michigan it is easy to find non GMO pig and chicken feed, but I never found a non GMO rabbit feed.
I am equally concerned with conventional ag residues as GMOs, so I'm buying all organic feed now.
subject: GMO free / Organic feed