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why not birdsfoot trefoil in lawn?

Alex Brands

Joined: Jul 25, 2011
Posts: 53
I see a lot of people add clover to their lawn....why not birds foot trefoil? I see it growing along the roadsides among the grass It seems to tolerate mowing as well as clover, it fixes nitrogen, and makes nice yellow flowers for weeks. Is there a reason it's not used the same way as clover in a lawn?

Jeanine Gurley

Joined: May 23, 2011
Posts: 1393
Location: Midlands, South Carolina Zone 7b/8a
Alex, I never heard of it and didn't know it is a nitrogen fixer - so that is something that I will add to my lawn as soon as I find out whether or not it will grow in my area. I prefer as much diversity as possible so the more plants the merrier!

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Tanya Bolduc

Joined: Jul 30, 2012
Posts: 1
I do not have land (yet), but I am fascinated by birdsfoot trefoil as an alternative to a grass lawn. Like so many area, we here in Quebec are suffering from a really nasty drought and all of the lawns have died. Meanwhile, the birdsfoot trefoil is doing fine. My uncle has it on his farm and it is one of the few plants that is still growing. I think it would make for a nice alternative to grass. It doesn't grow more than 20 cm high is the best conditions, and really wouldn't require any mowing, fertilizing etc., which seems more ecological, less time consuming and SO much prettier than grass. If I did have land, I would plant this stuff and feed it to my rabbits; they love the stuff!
Sam White

Joined: Mar 08, 2011
Posts: 217
Location: Caerphilly, Wales, UK
Trefoil is one of my favourite wild flowers There's quite a few varieties if my memory serves so, if birds food trefoil ain't suitable for your conditions, another trefoil might be.

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Rich Dana

Joined: Jul 22, 2012
Posts: 8
I'll second Tanya's comment- here in Iowa, we are in a severe deought, but the birdsfoor trefoil seems totally uneffected. It's the healthiest thing growing around here right now!
subject: why not birdsfoot trefoil in lawn?