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Tree Pruning in India: When's the best time?

Adam Cohen

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First off, through the grace of the universe I have discover permaculture and I am so happy to have done so. It was the synthesis of environmental preservation and studies that I was moving towards. Thank you!

With that said, I have been facing a confusion regarding when the best time of year to prune my trees (avocado, woody tress like silver oak, peach, etc.). Our climate is sub-tropical seasonal monsoon at we are at an elevation of 6,000 Ft (2,000 M). The rain falls for about a month now in late April into May and returns again for a heavy monsoon in late September. By December the rain has stopped and the climate is cool (16 C min) with heavy moister until the beginning of February. Then there is a dry spell from February until this rainy season in April.

I have very mature trees I would like to prune as well as some young trees that are only 5 feet tall. I know some of the general rules of pruning like taking no more than 1/3rd of the trees foliage and maintain good space between branches but I am totally confused about when to prune.

My last question is regarding planting saplings. I have over 15 acres of land and would like to get a bunch of trees planted, but the biggest problem is maintenance because it is really only I who can maintain the landscape and I don't have tones of time on my hands. Is there a way to have self maintaining trees or reduce the amount of maintenance work? Water supply is going to be mostly from the rainfall as I don't have a good water source. Are there any designs for sapling planting like using plastic sheets around the base to discourage weeds and basic nutrients to promote growth?

Since I am no expert in the topic I am open to any critics or insights and am so grateful for any guidance as I really want to get some good tree cover going.

Thank you permies! You will change the world for the better!
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subject: Tree Pruning in India: When's the best time?
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