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(news)paper logs, making them, burning them

Kat deZwart

Joined: Aug 13, 2011
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Location: Limburg, Netherlands, sandy loam
I would like to know if there are folks out here having experience with paper logs to save firewood. We've got newpaper (loads of free ones around here), junkmail (partially glossy) and loads of bamboobased printerpaper from our homeoffice.

To make paper logs there are several schools of thought:

- simply roll 'm and burn 'm (newspaper)
- roll, soak, press and burn
- shred, soak in water and press with a specialised press, dry and burn
- shred, soak in water and form by hand or with homemade things, dry and burn.

The logs can be shaped round (rolled or handmade) with or without holes in the top or square (massive).

The consensus on burnin' them seems to be one in three logs (1 paper, 2 wood ratio).

I would love to hear experiences, pro's or cons and techniques on making the logs.
R Scott

Joined: Apr 13, 2012
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Location: Kansas Zone 6a
Shredded works with this press:

You can add any wood shavings or sawdust you can find, and use a little flour if you need a binder.
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subject: (news)paper logs, making them, burning them