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Planting Guilds for PAwpaw, Cherry, and Asian Pear

Austin Verde

Joined: Apr 13, 2012
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Hi there, I'm looking for good ideas and help creating tree guilds/companion plantings for the trees listed above. If anyone has advice or experience it would be much appreciated. Below I'll try to give you an idea of what I'm already doing. Basically gradually trying to convert the sod around my fruit trees into an expanding circle of forest floor-like growth and cover.

Everyone in my area that I know of (NE Missouri), has had difficult times getting these to survive their first few years because of their requirement for shade and a specific environment. We planted some last year in a forested bank of a stream and they survived with no attention.

This year I designed a guild specifically for them. The pawpaw saplings are planted right underneath large Autumn Olive bushes on the shaded side and close around them I've planted gooseberries and elderberries. Once they are old enough the autumn olive will get cut down, giving them mostly full sun for fruit production, and the large elderberry and gooseberry thickets around them will provide trunk shade and prevent grass.

So far the only pear-specific guild plants I know of are Currants.

Don't Know a thing.

will have comfrey planted around them as well as various flowering bulbs for grass suppression.

Also I'm seeding a mix of buckwheat, yarrow, clover, parsley, chervil, alyssum, baby's breath, fennel, calendula, alfalfa, carrot, dill, radish, coriander, and daikon. This is just a seed mix that I will direct sow on one side of the trees to suppress sod and attract beneficial insects.


Anyone out there with some specific plants/shrubs/ etc. that they know of going well with any of these trees?
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subject: Planting Guilds for PAwpaw, Cherry, and Asian Pear