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Permies likes composting and the farmer likes Fruit flies in worm bin permies
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Fruit flies in worm bin


Joined: Aug 31, 2011
Posts: 6
So I set up my vermicompost bin a week or ago and stated putting goodies on top for them, well low and behold I have fruit fly's.
I have it covered with carpet but that did not stop them. I plan on stopping feeding and letting the worms munch on all the paper and cardboard in the bin hopefully this will stop the fly's
So my question is 1 will it get rid of the fly's if there is nothing but soil and paper in the bin? 2 will the fruit fly's hurt having them in the bin?
And O ya I have it set up in a old bath tub so it is a pretty big bin

Thanks for any replies
Kota Dubois

Joined: Oct 13, 2011
Posts: 171
If your bin is outside I wouldn't worry about it. Fruit flies will only speed up the composting but will then cause some nutrients to fly away with them. You say you've got soil in the bin: so when you put the goodies in bury them. Fruit flies cannot dig.

By the way, I hope you don't have a plug in the tub, the leachate has to be able to drain or else you will drown everyone.

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Craig Dobbelyu

Joined: Dec 22, 2011
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Location: Maine (zone 5)
Burying food scraps will stop the fruit flies. Are you sure that they are fruit flies? Fungus gnats will also get in a bin and they do dig a little bit. Either way, no worries if the bin is outside. The gnats will remain even if you don't add fresh food scraps.

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Tyler Ludens

Joined: Jun 25, 2010
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I always get gnats or fruit flies inside or out. We just try to live with them a bit....they seem to calm down if I remember to bury the scraps at the bottom of the bin instead of dumping them on top like the lazy person I am.

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Austin Max

Joined: Mar 15, 2012
Posts: 98
Location: South Central Kentucky
I have them as well, and I'm pretty sure they are fungus gnats. If they are gnats not fruit flies, they breed in the top few inches of soil that stays consistently moist. I think once you have them, they will be hard to get rid of completely. However I have had good success with keeping a dry layer (newsprint, straw, etc.) as deep as possible over the food/bedding. Another way to kill the larvae is to let the soil they are breeding in to dry out completely, but that's not really possible in a worm bin.

They are decomposers and help the composting process along so I can't completely hate them. They are just annoying flying around my basement, and sometimes they will migrate to the soil of your houseplants, potentially feeding on roots but I've never had them kill anything.
I agree. Here's the link:
subject: Fruit flies in worm bin