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Raised Beds feedback

Eric Hess

Joined: Dec 06, 2011
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Location: Somerset, CA, USA
So, I talked my parents into letting me have all the redwood from our deck to do with as I please, which means I am building a bunch of raised beds in our back yard. They will be 8' long, 4' wide, and 18" deep. They are going on the graded surface in our back yard that was built up from fill from our house's excavation. Low organics, almost sterile, decomposed granite. It is very, very sandy.
So, we have a couple of big piles of mixed pine, oak and cedar wood chips that our chickens have been scratching through for the last year. And we have a goat barn with straw bedding that needs to be cleaned out. I am thinking about taking the bedding, mixing in the wood chips, and working them into the ground below where the beds will be. I'll be filling the beds themselves with some kind of similar mix, but using topsoil (from where I am excavating for a greenhouse) mixed with organic matter and compost and some aged goat manure. And probably some greensand or ag lime tossed in.
Am I on the right track? As I progress, I'll be augmenting with worm castings as my worms get their act together and start speeding up. But as far as a starting point, how does this sound? Comments? Suggestions? Ideas?
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subject: Raised Beds feedback