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Permies likes natural building and the farmer likes Need information on what kind of trees to build with permies
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Need information on what kind of trees to build with

Theresa Whited

Joined: Jan 26, 2012
Posts: 41
I am placing some raw lumber for looks in my cob house. I wanted a red cedar in the center debarked and bleached but I don't have one big enough on my property and I don't want to bring one in. I have lots of Black oak, white oak, hickory, pine and a few others. I was looking at whole tree building with lots of great ideas but I could not find what trees are most advantageous to use. I was also wanting information on how to preserve them and maintenance them inside the house. I am in the midwest as I am thinking location is important. I don't know a lot about raw trees so any information is much appreciated. Thanks

Peter DeJay

Joined: Aug 10, 2011
Posts: 104
Location: Southern Oregon
For an interior wood feature, be it a post, beam, railing, etc, treating it is less of a concern then finding one with the grain/knot pattern you like and curing it properly. Drying it and curing it slowly is key to making one that has few cracks, checks and splits. Treating it or staining it shouldn't happen until it has been acclimated to the ambient moisture of its resting spot. As far as species, those are all great varieties and it mostly depends on the look you are going for. Black oak I believe tends to have the most defects so I would steer clear of that. The rest are all good optinos for a wood floor actually ,which would be a great way to incorporate your local wood into your home. Look for a local mill that will process the wood for you, sometimes cheaper then to buy that same wood product. Just cut down extra and let them keep some. =)
subject: Need information on what kind of trees to build with
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