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Permies likes cascadia and the farmer likes anyone ever rip with a cross cut saw? permies
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anyone ever rip with a cross cut saw?

ari gold

Joined: Aug 21, 2011
Posts: 9
I was thinking of asking if anyone knew of a one man 'pit-style' rip saw (ie. with real rip teeth) but at this point, I've kind of figured out that they don't exist.

Now I realize that there are several types of teeth patterns but basically I'm looking to not use a chainsaw (unless, of course, that's all there is to it). Has anyone had any success with one type of tooth pattern over another?

Anyone have one I can try out around Eugene Oregon?

Honestly, I'm kinda stunned that I can't find (online) any solution to the problem of making boards out of a log with hand power. It doesn't seem too crazy a question. Am I looking in the wrong places? Hmm...

Chuck Freeman

Joined: Apr 13, 2009
Posts: 116
Location: Southcentral Alaska
I've seen rip saws on ebay but they are pricey. You also need the tools to to sharpen and maintain them which is an art in itself. If I were to get a rip saw I would go for an old one that is taper ground. Anything you would get that is new, rip or crosscut, will be punched from a piece of flat stock. Taper ground saws the side opposite the teeth is narrow than the tooth side.

subject: anyone ever rip with a cross cut saw?