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topics for these forums

paul wheaton

Joined: Apr 01, 2005
Posts: 17433
Location: missoula, montana (zone 4)
When I created these forums, there were a bunch of things I wanted from forums that I was not finding elsewhere.

I wanted to talk about ideas far beyond organic without 40 people telling me that I'm stupid for not using pesticides.

I wanted to talk about plant varieties without getting into a debate with 40 people about GMOs.

I wanted to talk about Oehler structures without hearing from 100 people about how underground houses suck.

I wanted to build ideas with like minded people without:

- a bunch of people telling me it cannot be done.

- a bunch of people telling me "impossible"

- a bunch of people reminding me that I'm an asshole, therefore everything I say is wrong

- crazy out of nowhere

- trolling

- fluff fest

I wanted to talk about a book/dvd without enduring the encouragement of piracy.

I wanted to participate in a very specific type of community. A rare community. Something I did not see anywhere else.

It has taken a very long time. And because 99% of the stuff I see on other forums is stuff I delete here, there is a large army of people that think I suck and this site sucks. And I am okay with that. Because now I have that which I sought.

There will still be newbies that have experienced other forums and they come here expecting this place to be like other places. I hope that we can all, collectively, guide them to a path where their stuff is not deleted and they can get used to this slightly different place.

Just to be clear, i discourage discussion of:

- pesticides/herbicides/insecticides/poison/fungicides/etc.

- GMOs

- social justice issues

- the third ethic of permaculture

- politics

- religion

There are lots and lots of things that are probably not a fit for these forums, only nobody has tried yet. In a nutshell, these are my forums and are only for topics I am interested in having here. And these forums are for the people that like my choices in this space.

I created this thread for those times that somebody might try to bring something up that is not a fit for these forums then anybody can make a link to this thread to help smooth things out.

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subject: topics for these forums