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"Crowdsourcing" the podcast work

Erik Lee

Joined: Sep 21, 2011
Posts: 104
Location: Zone 6 - Missouri
Hey Paul, I just got started going through your awesome podcasts, so there's a pretty good chance I'm trying to help with an already-solved problem, but here goes anyway -- I was listening to #23 where you were describing some of the work flow that you go through to produce a podcast, and I thought it sounded like there might be a good opportunity for some outsourcing or crowdsourcing of the effort. The basic notion would be that you would do your podcast, and post it to a "work in progress queue" totally raw (perhaps do the compression you were talking about, but other than that just the bare bits). It would then be up to we the humble listeners to add notes, id3 tags, and perhaps do some post processing, for those who have that skill. This would be a way for us to give you something of value in return for the podcast, and would hopefully take some of the load off of you. The other upside is that it wouldn't represent a big commitment from the listener side of things to sign in, download a raw podcast, then when you're done listening to it post a couple of notes about what was in it. After it had been available as a pre-release to us for a couple of {hours/days/weeks/?} you could take the notes and other bits and pieces that we did and put it on itunes as usual or even just approve it and we could do the posting. It would be like the wikipedia or sourceforge of podcast tagging.

Sorry if this is an umpteenth hash of an old idea, I tried to sift through the posts here but I didn't read every one... If the notion is interesting to you let me know and I'll try to find some software that could implement the work queue thing and learn how it works. I think there are some software version control tools that might be able to do it.

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paul wheaton

Joined: Apr 01, 2005
Posts: 17425
Location: missoula, montana (zone 4)
Currently, Suzy Bean pretty much takes care of everything possible to take care of in that space. I send her the raw files and then they start popping up on the podcast blog thing.

I suppose someday she might get sick of it and then the crowdsource thing could be a smart way to go.

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subject: "Crowdsourcing" the podcast work