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Looking for current permaculture projects in South East Asia

Bumbu Regina

Joined: Jan 27, 2012
Posts: 9
Location: Bali, Indonesia
Hi there,

I'm currently living in Bali, Indonesia. I currently have a small project going on a part time basis in Bali but I'm looking to get involved in any other permaculture projects currently happening in South East Asia, preferably in Indonesia. Also on the lookout to participate in any permaculture, organic farming or organic gardening training courses in the region. Can travel.

Also, if there are other permaculturists in the region who want to collaborate to start up a new project, please contact me. I am keen to partner up with others with whom I can share and learn experiences.

If anyone in the region wants to come and be involved in my existing project here up in the highlands of Bali we are looking for others to assist us.



You can be anything you choose to be, but most importantly you can be who you are.

Joined: May 13, 2010
Posts: 9
Hi Bumbu Regina,

I too have been looking out for Permaculture projects in South East Asia. Unfortunately most if not all I find is more involved in pushing PDC's rather than showing what their farms actually produce in terms of crops and such. Plus there is so little in sharing experiments, successful or otherwise related to farming.

Send me more information on your project in Bali. Might never know, take up the travelling bug again and help out. Almost 2 years since I volunteered in Borneo.
Bumbu Regina

Joined: Jan 27, 2012
Posts: 9
Location: Bali, Indonesia
Yes I hear what you're saying! It almost seems like the only permaculture you can see in action is the courses themselves! Our project in Bali got off the ground a few months ago, and attracted quite a few volunteers, but unfortunately did not succeed due to a range of factors which are explained in more detail at our Project Profile at (Bukit Peninsula Sustainability Project) . We closed the Project down and are pursuing other paths at the moment. But we are always keen to meet up and discuss possibilities with others who are interested in starting things up. Have a look at our profile and our ideas there and let us know if you'd like to discuss further.

Joined: May 13, 2010
Posts: 9
Correct Bumbu Regina, it seems that way that 'permaculture in action' seems to be experienced in the course offered. Personally speaking for myself, it is so not very often that to have come across a farm that has principals of permaculture in action AND at the same time producing quantities of food in decent practical amounts. I myself having voluntered at many farms/facilities in Asia have come across only one place on Borneo where the owner was (and still is, so I have been hearing) walking the talk so to speak. His farm despite having poor soil was able to produce more than enough to feed everyone concerned. Back then he still had about half of the land undeveloped but see lately on his website photo's that it all has been cleared and already producing. Strangely enough when I first met him he was already practising permaculture despite never having even heard of the word!

So, i guess that it would be fantastic if you could get a project going to demonstrate on site, permaculture in action. And if PDC's are held there too even better. It would give everyone attending the course a good and practical idea of the various stages of development, maybe even demonstrating what worked and what didn't work plus more importantly what went wrong. It will also be important to show what is possible with the number of hands at work on the property. Students will be able to gauge for themself's the possibilities when they put in practice what the have learnt and what they saw for themself's at the permaculture demo site or working farm. Let's be honest, being at a PDC gets you excited and motivated. The real work begins when you are alone on your own plot of land not looking forward to the amount of work ahead.

I will have a look at the link you gave but do you happen to have another link to what you are doing? It seems I need to register first.

But yes, would be interested to join up to get something going. And maybe even hook up with that farm in Borneo. Might learn a lot and more importantly hear from his mistakes. He did say once to me that if he was told what he was doing right and wrong he would have not wasted 50% of his time. But it is statements like that we should value more so when they are teaching and showing you from their own experience, experience which is so much more valueble than attending as a course.

Bumbu Regina

Joined: Jan 27, 2012
Posts: 9
Location: Bali, Indonesia
Thanks NoelRodriguez,

I have sent you a private message with the proposal wording for your information

charlotte anthony

Joined: Mar 12, 2010
Posts: 68
Hi Regina. I am out of the range of Southeast Asia but am in India and have a dynamite project going if you want to come and visit. We are working with subsistance farmers here in Tamil Nadu, India to reverse desertification by restorative agroforestry, encouraging local practices to revitalize the water cycle, plant trees, use vegetables and interplants requring less water.

i have long believed along with geoff lawton that actual permaculture demonstration projects are important to permaculture. i go one step further which is to say that teaching farmers to make money at permaculture is very important. so i am walking my talk as you all are saying.

I cannot see how we can reverse the 90% of the earth's surface in desertification if we cannot come up with a local method of solving the problem that earns farmers money.

see our project here on permies or go to

Charlotte Anthony
The Mother Who Plants Trees
Brian Newhouse

Joined: Oct 07, 2012
Posts: 3

Here's a list of some sites around the world... click on the one for Asia and the Middle East for one's around SE Asia. Hope this helps!
howie story

Joined: Jul 14, 2014
Posts: 13

Hi Guys,

There is quite a bit of Permaculture happening in Thailand. All projects are mostly open for you to be hosted. Check with the project on timing,
Some are research, some are mature (over 8 years), some fully sustainable. All course are help on Permaculture projects.

To get more information and or to visit projects look at members and projects it is a new site so give us some time to add all members.
Also in Asia under members www.permacultureinstituteAsia,com

See you around the campus.

Howard Story
WWOOF Thailand
subject: Looking for current permaculture projects in South East Asia
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