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Permies likes alternative energy and the farmer likes Preheater for water boiler and central heating for two to three rooms. permies
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Preheater for water boiler and central heating for two to three rooms.

Hoeye Vokter

Joined: Jan 11, 2012
Posts: 9
I'm thinking of making a preheater for my water boiler so that I always have warm water, but also the opportunity to heat the water with wood when I have the time to feed the stove.

Luckily I have my water boiler in the basement right next to the chimney , so I think it shouldn't be too much of a problem to install a wood heated water reservoir between the water intake and the boiler? The question is how it should be designed...

Maybe some kind of water reservoir inside the mass of a rocket stove connected to the chimney could work? Of course, it doesn't have to be rocket stove as I could use an old wood stove with a reservoir on top.
What is most "thermal efficient" when it comes to the size of the reservoir? A smaller reservoir (like an "on demand" system) would mean that a higher temperature is needed, while a bigger reservoir would mean lower but more stabile temperatures...

Any thoughts?

I'm also thinking about making a central heating system. Until I started writing this I was stuck on making a small metal cylinder to put on top of the stove in my living room, with circulation to a water barrel next to it, pumping the water further away to a water barrel in the next room. But now I'm thinking I might as well pump the water from the reservoir in the basement up to the first barrel, as long as this don't compromise the temperature of the water going to the boiler..?
But I guess that depends on what solution I go for in the basement? Also, it would mean that I have to go outside and down in the basement to feed the whole thing. Maybe it would be more convenient to heat the water on my living room stove.. I would also be better able to regulate the temperature with two separate systems..

Maybe I'm trying to reinvent the gunpowder here, but google hasn't given me anything so far...

Any thoughts?

edit: I might add that I live in a more or less dilapidated house on a 5 year perspective before I'm moving on and hopefully building a cob house, so I don't mind the solutions being odd and temporary looking.. my main goal is to experiment and learn before I build my perfect home within 10 years.. =o)
Ernie Wisner

Joined: Oct 16, 2009
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Location: Tonasket washington
Water coils on your upstairs stoves would be best. if you are planing on building with cob you will know the reason for the easy answer. going up and down the stairs to feed the stove is a waste of energy you could be using for other tasks more important to you life.

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subject: Preheater for water boiler and central heating for two to three rooms.