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Permies likes frugality and the farmer likes You really don't need to wash clothes as often as you think. Stains come and go, they just wear off. permies
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You really don't need to wash clothes as often as you think. Stains come and go, they just wear off.

Milo Jones

Joined: Dec 27, 2010
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I'm not sure I want to try this.

On second thought, I actually have. In the '90s I spent a lot of time deployed in the army, often with limited opportunities, time or water to do laundry. The undergarments got washed much more frequently than the outer garments, at the time I chalked it up to the durability and design of the uniform fabrics.

Dale Hodgins

Joined: Jul 28, 2011
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Location: Victoria British Columbia-Canada
An old man we called uncle Ab laughed heartily when my grandmother suggested that he bathe. "In the winter? You're nuts" was his reply. Ab was frugal, and stinky.

I often wear work pants for days at a time. You get to a point where they can't really get any dirtier. If I get muddy one day the pants actually get cleaner as it powders off over the next couple days. Smell is not an issue. I tend to get a lot of earthen material on my pants. Lots of deodorants have a clay base. Shirts are a different story and get quite ripe. I've tested this a few times. After about 3 days of hard demolition work, a shirt reaches it's stink apex. 3 days later it's not too bad.-------- I suspect that the soil level in the shirt allows the bacteria to reach an optimum level -an equalibrium.

I've employed many homeless guys who have completely given up on bathing. A few times when I've coaxed them into a tub it became clear that the human body also has a stink apex that is reached in a few days. Give it a month and he smells like a cow. Not rosy sweet but far better than on the four day without a bath.

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subject: You really don't need to wash clothes as often as you think. Stains come and go, they just wear off.
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