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Permies likes intentional community and the farmer likes Walking the walk permies
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Walking the walk

Morgan Morrigan

Joined: Oct 16, 2011
Posts: 1400
Location: Verde Valley, AZ.
These guys are trying to make a rugged, swap-out, repairable community, with 3-D printers !

check em out, and go help if you can.


Get involved -Take away the standing of corporations MovetoAmmend.org
Richard Kutscher

Joined: Nov 16, 2011
Posts: 44
Location: Sun seeker - on the road
That seems so awesome! I have some experience with 3D printers (own a makerbot) and have had the "pleasure" of reworking the firmware and software on it due to failures in original hardware (and no replacements at that time).

Looks like they have a ton of different open source things there!!!

Will have to keep an eye on their site. Always good info!
Morgan Morrigan

Joined: Oct 16, 2011
Posts: 1400
Location: Verde Valley, AZ.
If you like the gear, this is where the milling machine came from, made out of a six cylinder engine block !


sorry to give you a new project !

Look up Direct laser Sintering too !

Jonathan 'yukkuri' Kame

Joined: May 23, 2010
Posts: 488
Location: Foothills north of L.A., zone 9ish mediterranean
Community-scale open source manufacturing is a total game changer. It turns the whole model of a centralized industrial economy on it's ear. Cradle-to-cradle design, designed for recycling on site... brilliant.

Morgan Morrigan

Joined: Oct 16, 2011
Posts: 1400
Location: Verde Valley, AZ.
That is why the recording companies (now bought out by the bronfmans and rothschild families) are getting on copyright violations so hard right now, and want govts to enforce them.

It is to protect designs for 3D printing. they want to be able to keep the patents on all the manufacturing designs they have ever made, or the companys they have purchased and liquidated.

the recording industry is a small profit center, but just a distraction. The real target is govt enforcement of 3D printing designs.
I agree. Here's the link: http://richsoil.com/cards
subject: Walking the walk