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42 straight female seeks like minded friends


Joined: Oct 23, 2011
Posts: 2
Location: Chicago

I've lived in Chicago my entire life. Enjoyed long visits to many place, love road trips and even lived in a commune for 5 years. I've always planned on doing more travelling (finding my "Home" when the kids were grown. They are grown, mostly.

I smoke & smoke and drink, I cuss, write, paint, craft, play guitar and write songs, sew, brew, garden.
I like cooking and eating...thick legged woman. My religious and political views are somewhere in between George Carlin and Woody Guthrie, Jesus to Eckhart Tolle...

Most people I meet in the City are contented to be here but alas I am not . I'm tired of dreaming. Need some like minded friends to give me that push I need.

"I am unknown; what does that matter? All poets are brothers. These verses believe; they love; they hope; that is all." -Arthur Rimbaud
Capricorn sun
Pisces Moon
Libra Rising
Aquarius Venus
I don't know if I'm a word tosser, pixel pusher, string plucker, wall painter, wire wrapper or soup maker...
some think I'm a fire blower & Modak maker

Joined: Oct 30, 2011
Posts: 1
I am also from Chicago. Your commune experience sounds interesting I would love to know about it. I have been going to the occupy Chicago events on the weekends.

I am a little bit younger, 23 a grad student studying archaeology at Illinois State. I have been interested in off-the grid living for about three years or so.

If you feel like emailing or whatnot my email is:

- Andrew

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Luis Chavez

Joined: Dec 07, 2011
Posts: 10
Hello "like minded seeker" You know, when you are out there , out of the city, working in "country" area, its hard to socialize... even though I rather be out there then partner hunting in the city, it would be really nice to share time and experiences with people, as you say, like minded. I am 48, live in the coast of Ecuador. WAS looking fpor perma sites to join and learn and found this forum.. will soon post something about myself..pic, etc I live at the beach, costal, dry climate, opwn a mini lodge for toyrists, starting some sort of ecovillage to live in peace and harmony. ONly a piece of land for now, but full of dreams and smiles . I will look through these posts... i think its fun and interesting. Take care! keep in touch.. Luis

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Philip Smith

Joined: Apr 18, 2012
Posts: 14
You sound great ? In describing yourself; you described me. I look fifty have a gut but have been told by several ladies I have attractive legs. I would like to learn how to paint, and took up piano lessons two years ago. I'll bet you know of some great bars, and live music venues? in the morning after many margaritas , vodkas,wines, whatever we could go to a vegetarian restaurant for breakfast and drink wheatgrass juice and detox together and continue our discussions of the universe and beyond from the night before.
Randy Gibson

Joined: Dec 18, 2011
Posts: 112
Are you still freezing in Chicago?
subject: 42 straight female seeks like minded friends